Monday, April 21, 2008

travels to austin

austin itself was recklessly blooming this past weekend, warm, and full of bluebonnets (although not as spectacular as usual). the trip was a nice change from the crap weather we've had up north. traveling with children is emphatically NOT the same as traveling alone but a very smart jared took care of the girls on the way there and back so i got some much needed creative airplane time. i love flying and always have. some of my most productive hours have been in the air. movement and transition are definitely the most influential prods in my creative process. even when i flew to and from work every week, it never got old even though it became as routine as making coffee. the travel was always the highlight of my week. i just loved working within a fixed yet temporary space for a few hours, using my seat as a portable art studio and creating madly while i was supposed to be doing stuff for my *big job* instead.

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