Saturday, May 31, 2008


things perked up slowly today. i got a few hours to myself for coffee, and cracked open a primer on japanese grammar. i found a trench coat for $5 at a yard sale as well as a new babysitter. when i got home a surprise popped up in my mailbox - a nifty embosser with the state of texas seal. it was from ricë freeman-zachery, the author of living the creative life and a thought-provoking daily blog on creativity. every so often she posts a list of crafty items she's gathered in her travels but no longer uses, and sends them off to the first one who responds. i was the lucky winner of the embosser. her blog posts are full of good fodder for creativity - an interesting thought, a controversial opinion, a new artist to meet, a creative technique, a good laugh - all of which bring me back again and again to the voodoo cafe.

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