Sunday, May 25, 2008

life changing moments

this weekend, in thirty second intervals, i was thinking about moments - some little and some big, some within my control and some not, some expected and others out of the blue, some that i'd re-live in a minute and others i don't ever want to think about again - that changed my life and brought me to where i am now. i've always slipped into sappy bouts of reflection at the end of something - a school year, a project, a consulting gig, someone moving away (usually us) - and i think it's good. it makes me grateful for the experiences i've had. and it reminds me that these bits and pieces are not permanent.

this brought me back to an idea that's been lurking inside for a few years. i've been noodling on how to illustrate the phases of my life - to put those little details in concrete before they vaporize - without the final piece looking like it walked straight out of the local craft store in a *purchased memories* sort of way. but some things are too important to be forgotten, and fears need to be overcome, so i started. i'll post photos of the self-indulgent piece in evolution later this week.

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