Tuesday, May 6, 2008

mail-art weekend

on a mail-art-making binge this weekend; the usps is currently processing and distributing these little tidbits all over the place.

we got a double-dip dose of the arts yesterday - art in the park (south park) and jazz in the park (watson park). two booths at art in the park jumped out at me: the first was van go mobile arts. it's a local arts-based social service program that provides after-school job training to at-risk teens. the booth was full of their gorgeous artwork - with that very distinctive look found all over town on their murals and park benches.

laura nugent was in the other booth. her paintings are so vivid and focused that i find it hard to look away from them. i was very close to buying one, but had used up all of my goodwill with the girls in the van go booth and by that time i was chasing lost hats and shoes and trying to keep track of the girls who were handing out dead wildflowers to anyone who would take them.

my favorite sign was in a ceramics booth: "due to insanity, no special orders". my kind of gal.

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