Wednesday, May 21, 2008

when in rome

today's thought goes to jill, who has had a frustrating (yet ultimately successful) past few days doing her research in rome.

imagine hiking all over the eternal city trying to dig up documents that might or might not exist, banging on doors that should be open but aren't, negotiating with ancient gatekeepers, deciphering 15th century texts, navigating the italian system in general, trying to squeeze the most productivity out of every day for the sake of good research and the good name of your university, all while in your third trimester of pregnancy. now that's a rockstar!

my standards are a little lower: i think if you've had a good gelato, you've had a good day in rome.


Laurie said...

hey, I'm with you there.

elizabeth said...

I'm glad you enabled comments!! I just discovered your blog this week and almost immediately linked to it on mine. It's a treat!! This piece in particular-- if you ever decide to make prints, I'd buy this one for my Mom in a heartbeat.

Keep up the (very very pretty) insights. And thanks for visiting my blog!

aimee said...

thanks for visiting elizabeth - come back soon!