Tuesday, June 24, 2008

banner day

i'm playing around with a new banner. i liked the pieces that were on the previous one, but i'm not doing much with watercolor and collage these days so i felt i needed to update it with more of my current fixations. right now all i need is a technical pen, gouache, and hot press paper, and i'm a happy girl. it may change yet again - that seems to be the only constant element in what i do!

as for the incomplete statement above, it is dedicated to anyone who has trouble managing a thought from beginning to end because they keep getting interrupted by a

(ha ha)


design for mankind. said...

hahahha you're so cute. i love the new banner! :)

Thereza Rowe said...

yeah, it's very you! cool! :)

hrsj said...

yes i understand that completely! I think too my attention span has shortened in recent years...perhaps being around energetic & constantly creative children?

aimee said...

thanks girls - (for now) i think it does an adequate job of capturing the mess in my head!

heather - bingo!

Kati said...

Found your blog via a comment you left on DFM. You have a really awesome illustrative style and your lettering is awesome. Do you do it by hand???

This is my favourite because I'm very simi... oh a puppy!