Thursday, June 5, 2008

done with dallas

this memory piece is from our three year stay in dallas. round 2 for me. it was odd to move back to a city i thought i had left for good. it was a better experience the second time around, but i still had the same issues with dallas that i did the first time: it's too decentralized and it is not walkable. we lived in a historic district not far from downtown, which in most cities would mean that we'd be able to walk almost anywhere. not so in dallas. on the upside, i had access once again to the dallas arboretum, which i think is one of the prettiest spots on earth. the setting, the layout, everything seems to fit just right. but just the same, i wasn't sad to wave goodbye to dallas again. this quirky little city of lawrence, kansas, was ready and waiting for us.

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Jennifer Roberson Williams said...

You know, I was reading your posts and thought you were talking about somewhere else when you were talking about Funky Town. Now you are talking about Dallas...Do you live in DFW?

I live in Fort Worth. There is a group of us that meet-up every month and talk/play arts and crafts. Let me know if you're ever interested in joining us.

Of course, you could just be talking about some other place entirely. You know what they say about Texas. You can find the entire world in our state!