Friday, June 20, 2008

friday inspiration

things that inspired me today: little storefronts around town. painted newspaper boxes. intriguing things in store windows. stuff on building walls.

an impromptu rapid photo session with #1. i don't like having my picture taken but she loves taking photos so after a few attempts to dodge the shots i gave in. we traded cameras and took as many pictures of each other as quickly as we possibly could. (if you're ever stuck for inspiration, spend an hour with a five year old.)

more friday inspiration: a messy art class with #2. an evening out with my family wandering around town. a four minute appearance at st. john's mexican fiesta. chaotic dinner at ingredient. walking down mass street. bumping unexpectedly into friends throughout the day. trip to kinko's for jared's new passport photos. chasing fireflies and bunnies. "moonrise" by nitin sawhney. the progress of a street being returned to brick. thinking about the letter #1 wrote me, unsolicited, thanking me for making her breakfast. and - the perfect way to end the day - a big fit of little girl giggles.


murphy girl said...

i find inspiration in buildings, windows, nature as have a vibrant, alive style that makes me want to go paint!

Christy said...

The pictures that #1 took of you are darling. I've been letting E take the camera lately as well. It amazes me what shots she comes up with, whether it's on accident on purpose. It's literally seeing the world through her eyes. I love it!

aimee said...

thanks, murphy girl - you have a vibrant style yourself that i admire very much!

i agree with you, christy - those young minds can teach us so much. i just went through nearly a year of photos on her camera, many of which i had never seen, and was blown away by the details and perspectives that caught her eye - a new side of her revealed!

Thereza Rowe said...

very nice! the pair of you are very pretty :)

aimee said...

thank you thereza! i sure am nuts about her (i must be to let her take pictures of me!)