Saturday, June 14, 2008

happy birthday, little birdie

as of today, june 14, my baby is officially no longer a baby. this means i now get to hold her accountable for painting the sofa with butter, drawing on the wall, throwing food, and whatever other devilish whims get into her head.

congratulations, little bird. you made it. i'm proud of you. i'm going to play this all day in your honor. let's eat lots of cake and smear it all over the walls.

(edit: here are a few pictures of the girls playing this afternoon. this blog is supposed to be just for my artwork, but i couldn't resist on such a special day. besides, i'm still high on birthday cake.)


hrsj said...

oh my, Happy Birthday little sweetie!
it's a beautiful day for a birthday, perhaps some time outside today?

Thereza Rowe said...

oh my god aimee!!!! are they your babies? they're gorgeous!!!!!! :)
really beautiful, and you're so young!!! how old are they?

Thereza Rowe said...

i want birthday cake too :(

Ricë said...

happy birthday to the no-longer-little-baby, and best of luck to mom through this two-year-old year!

aimee said...

yay! so good to hear from tiny red! yes, these are my babies - ages 2 and 5. i'm not that young, but i avoid photos as much as possible so i had to dig that one of my honeymoon archives until i can replace it with a more accurate version of my timeworn, sleep deprived self!
xoxo aimee

aimee said...

thanks ricë! what kind of interesting things will come out of her mouth this year? i shudder to think! ha!

and thereza i'd happily bring you a piece of cake if you just lived a few thousand miles closer!

Christy said...

Happy Birthday to Audrey from E and me! I love how you can interpret the emotion of a moment and turn it into a cherished memory. You're so talented! Your girls are so lucky to have you as their mama.

Forever Young said...

your girls are gorgeous!
thanx for your visit, keep on going girl....hugs