Friday, June 20, 2008

instant illumination

i love this thoughtful reminder that not everything has a quick and easy answer, and that we are never truly "finished products" as human beings. there is always more to learn about ourselves, others, and our world.

enough deep thinking for the night; my last priority is to finish the last of the mini ice cream sandwiches.


Amanda said...

That is a really wonderful quote... I needed to hear something just like that today. Thanks for keeping such an inspirational blog.

aimee said...

amanda - i'm glad it was meaningful to you! i pull it out of my pocket when i'm trying to force a "eureka" or "aha!" moment - trying to remind myself that some answers arrive on their own clock and cannot be rushed. have a great weekend! aimee

hrsj said...

yes this is a good reminder to me as well, thank you aimee. sometimes we need to just nurture that wait.