Sunday, June 29, 2008

patterns and boundaries

i have been obsessed with patterns as long as i can remember, either drawing them or looking at them. about three years ago, i went on a massive pattern-painting binge, then stuck them in a box and forgot about them. this weekend i pulled out the book of those patterns, which were originally in watercolor, and started re-doing some of them in pen and gouache. first i saved the drawings in black & white, then printed out the patterns on watercolor paper and gouached away in a couple of different color combinations.

i really enjoy working within small, limited spaces like these circles. i usually have to have limits to start something creative. it seems counterintuitive, but if i have total freedom with something like a blank page, it's too overwhelming. i don't know where to start. i guess blank pages and canvases do have their own boundaries, but they're someone else's boundaries. once i define my own area, on my own terms, it seems so much easier to start drawing.

this morning: a soothing bit of classical guitar (sor and aguado), strong coffee, and off to kansas city. i plan to do take-out from pei wei on the way home, too, to avoid cooking today. what is everyone else up to on this gorgeous sunday?


Thereza Rowe said...

they look as though you had a lot of fun. playful and colourful!
your plans for the day sound great.
over here, still going through the process of ' the day after the night before'... OMG!

aimee said...

they WERE fun! it was a nice departure to let the pen wander without words for once. glad you're on your way back! xoxo