Monday, June 30, 2008

perfect sky

O what a day!

i had nearly three precious hours to myself to draw and get lost in my mind outside this morning at latteland. it was a gorgeous day, cloudless, perfectly still. the sky was a perfect deep blue that i call an arizona sky blue - one that pulls me back to my graduate school years in AZ, to that aimless, totally unfocused period of my life where i'd walk out of class and go directly to the superstition mountains to wander around even more aimlessly.

three packages arrived in the mail today: a book from my friend jo - she's an english professor so i read whatever she recommends without question; a beautiful print that i ordered from dan-ah kim's etsy shop; and another beautiful print from the talented illustrator elizabeth metz as part of a print exchange that we just decided to do on the fly. it was a thrill to see her work live and in person!

and finally, erin released her debut issue of mankind mag today. she outdid herself; it's wonderful. you can download it for free or order a print copy. it was great to see thereza's and esti's beautiful work featured in this issue, plus a cameo appearance from jennifer new's *drawing from life* book. jennifer is an exceptionally gifted writer, and i especially love her *mothers of invention* series of articles about balancing creativity with the demands of parenting. her words have saved me so many times when i felt totally alone trying to reconcile those two often-conflicting worlds. ooooh, jennifer, when are you going to get that mothers of invention blog up & running?

so, anyway, an outstanding day - i'll have to check with common denominator to see how his day is going - but from this side it couldn't be better.


Thereza Rowe said...

YAY for your FAB day! we've had a full blue sky day here today but as it's england, it won't last very long... forecast tomorrow is rain :(

anyway, my pattern project is up on tinyred and i'm calling for entries!!


aimee said...

there's something to be said for one bright sunny day among a hundred days of rain - you don't take it for granted! going to tinyred now to check out your project!