Tuesday, June 17, 2008

sangria & paint

i'm excited about an upcoming diversion: our next escape to artsyville! every 3 months or so, some of my favorite creatives gather at my house for an evening of wine & art (for summertime, we're doing pitchers of sangria). we start with a general theme or concept, then go where the wine takes us. there's a diverse range of creative backgrounds - graphic design, fine art, publishing, advertising, writing, crafting, doodling - so each person tackles it a bit differently and it's fascinating to watch what evolves as the night unfolds.

i always look forward to this evening because most days get eaten up doing stuff for other people, and this is one time that we can relax, escape, drift into the creative process, and make art for no one other than ourselves. this time we're going to paint with acrylics on wood. robin and i are going to do the prep work this weekend so the gesso will be dry and everyone can paint away once they've arrived. i think we'll do a trial run on the sangria, too. so far there are eight of us and counting; i can't wait!

also to-do this week: redesign a simpler blog banner; my work is becoming more garish (i'm enjoying it, so i'm going with it for the time being) and it's clashing with the work on the existing banner. write thank you notes. start running again. try to get to bed before midnight. learn ten words in hindi. teach my daughter how to get ready without help in the morning (something that doesn't interest her in the slightest; she'd rather dream and dawdle, just like someone else i know.) create a name for my notecard line that is just as cheesy as artsyville. bug the landscaping company to replace our dead shrubs. send baby gifts. gear up for regular treks to kansas city starting again monday. decide which identity to pursue next.

next post: back to blogstalking.


design for mankind. said...

Ooooh sangria! Painting! Lovely!

aimee said...

on second thought i think i need that sangria...now