Tuesday, June 10, 2008

seattle revisited

just finished a little blast from my past. technically i did not live in seattle but i think commuting back and forth every week for eight months counts for something. this piece will probably not mean a whit to anyone except for me and those who worked on that illustrious nordstrom project with me, but i had a good time painting this, and that also counts for something because i had one of my worst parenting days ever and desperately needed to escape into something fun tonight. i won't torture you with details other than this: an entire container of land o' lakes butter spread all over our sofa was one of the minor incidents of the day. as i've mentioned to several people already, if jared had not been here to take over the evening shift of preschooler antics i would be wandering the streets muttering strange things to myself right now. now that i've had a few hours off, a few glasses of wine, and a few moments to return to myself, i'm no longer waxing nostalgic about the past. although i wouldn't mind making a fat salary and flying first class again.

yawn. i think i'll go stalk some of my favorite blogs before i'm off to bed. one final indulgence before the madness starts again in the morning.

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