Thursday, June 19, 2008

a surprise

after my daily tussle with #1 to get dressed and to the arts center on time this morning, i went outside to find five art students sketching our house. it changed my mood instantly; i love little surprises (pleasant ones) that interrupt the normal flow of the day. now, I love our house, but i was intrigued by why these students chose it for their drawings. my first thought was that it faces east and has the full attention of the sun in the morning; jared thought perhaps they were attracted by the exceptional handiwork he did on the brick steps last weekend. i didn't ask them why - it was more fun to wonder. whatever the reason, it was fascinating to see our old, crazy little house evolve on paper through the eyes of others.


hrsj said...

that's so fun to see what they're drawing of your house! a little surprise for your day :)

where did your picture of you go? your icon?

oh, and i got nervous that it was friday for a sec, that i missed something.... "took #1 to the arts center"...

aimee said...

going sans identity right now; i got sick of looking at myself (an old version, no less) every time i posted a comment, and can't settle on an icon!

nina just finished up pottery, painting & printmaking this morning - they did some amazing stuff this week! until tomorrow - xoxo

Christy said...

What a great surprise! I remember taking a photo of someone's interesting-looking house in east Lawrence for class way back when I was a student... its inhabitant came out of the house to shoo me away. Scared the bejeezus out of me. How nice that you let them stay!