Friday, July 4, 2008

empty walls are for ART

this week i got an e-mail from my friend julie katsaras asking me to participate in her "Empty Walls...are for ART" program, which benefits domestic violence victims in the st. louis area. julie collects donated work from a group of local artists, and then she installs the pieces in the local shelter where they brighten the environment for the women and their children. when a woman is ready to move out on her own, the shelter presents her with one of the art pieces for her new home.

i'm looking forward to this project - not only will it be interesting and meaningful, but it will do my social conscience some good, too. most of my giving energy currently goes to my children, which quite frankly often leaves me sapped to the point that i feel i have no more to give. sometimes i need a reminder that there are much bigger issues in the world than peanut butter smeared all over the house. i can always find a bit extra to give of myself.

thanks, julie, for that reminder.

[significant moments today: huevos rancheros. fireworks. a pretend birthday party. making a marshmallow hat. open windows.]

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e. beck said...

marshmallow hat? sounds sticky!