Thursday, July 3, 2008


earlier this year i was seized with the desire to open a paper shop and creative studio downtown. it was a little dream i had nurtured off and on over the years, and all of a sudden the idea just consumed me.

after a month of sleepless nights, research, and living inside the business plan, i realized it would never work. i'd be stuck in one place all day, certifiable death for someone who can't stop moving. i would have to deal with customers and operational stuff that didn't interest me. i'd have to devote all of my creative energy to one endeavor, which would be impossible. clearly this was not what i wanted.

no, what i really wanted to do was to scavenge the globe, create the merchandising assortments, develop products, design the layouts and displays, write the marketing plan, and hand it over to someone else to operate. in short, be a buyer again. that's the piece of wisdom i took away from this, and it's something i really would consider again if we moved back to a larger city.

the lifecycle of this idea really was identical to the process of falling in love, followed by the exhaustion and disappointment when i realized that the quest wasn't meant to be. my husband was calmly at my side before, during, and after the fall, as he always is, and i know he'll be there when the next lark strikes, too.

i still love the idea, by the way. but i want someone else to open the shop/studio. i promise i'll be a loyal customer.

[edit 3:55 p.m: being a buyer doesn't sound good anymore; i think i'll be a mail carrier]

[edit 4:32 p.m: maybe an advertising copywriter]

[edit 4:34 p.m: or a software tester]

[6:20 p.m: a banjo player]

[8:30 p.m: going outside with a book and glass of wine]


Thereza Rowe said...

copywriter sounds good!
go girl! :D

aimee said...

it's so hard to decide what i want to be when i grow up! xoxo

hrsj said...

oh i got so excited when i read you wanted to open a paper goods shop! and then i got sad too when you said you weren't.
hmmm, yeah, you'd be good at all the designing, curating, selecting, making, and putting it all together. that is the fun part!
well i'll keep hoping you'll open up a shop. ;)

aimee said...

wouldn't it be divine? i have a longstanding soft spot for extraordinary papers and handcrafted stationery, and we need a yummy paper store here. but i would do a terrible job managing it; i would keep hours like that crepe shop on 9th that is only open from 5-7 on tuesdays and thursdays and a few other odd hours. not enough to justify rent on mass street. it would be an utter sinkhole, and i like not living in a sinkhole. maybe some brave local will take the business plan and do justice to it.

design for mankind. said...

copywriter is the BEST. i was an ad copywriter for a bit, and it was just my favorite thing in the entire world! :)

aimee said...

you're a copywriting goddess - i know no one else who can pack so much meaning into a one-line caption!