Tuesday, July 29, 2008

still foreign

this morning i was checking out the route from kansas city to indianapolis. indiana is my home, but i haven't been there for twelve years since my parents moved away. they got the unexpected opportunity to move back, so i'll be visiting in the fall. i'm so curious to see how it has changed.

then my mind drifted to the rest of the atlas, thinking of those states i haven't conquered. there is no excuse for some: nebraska is three hours from us. i lived in minneapolis for 4 years and could have easily busted to north dakota for a day trip. just didn't happen. i'll get to them all in time, i'm sure.

has anyone been to these states? or is there a state you'd like to visit but haven't yet?


jess gonacha said...

ooh! fun! Oregon: beautiful. Nebraska: flat, but also beautiful. Connecticut: charming and so, so pretty.
Maine: I was thee once but don't remember much. I wanted to see a moose, but didn't see one. I'll have to count up the states I've yet to visit now, too!

Esti said...

I'm afraid I have only been to very few of your States. However my husband stayed in North dakota for a year or so, and says it was cold, cold, cold, and a little boring too

Kelly C. said...

oooh, i really really want to go to alaska.

north dakota-- cold cold cold in the winter, better in the summer WAY up north.

nebraska---good music scene in omaha, plus a cute little old town downtown. my sissies both lived there for years.

oregon is my heart. the coast is the most amazing.

vermont! LOVE it. love it.

new hampshire-- i can't remember, but i DO like connecticut-- totally agree with Jess. it's charming. one thing i love about the northeast is all of the little villages-- it seems so european to me.

maine-- i want to go there too. never been. it sounds delightful.

sounds like it's time for a road trip!

Krissy said...

Oregon is one of the few i've been to. It's the most beautiful place ever :)

Anne Leuck Feldhaus Studio, Ltd said...

This is great...I like how you think and how you present your thoughts so creatively1

artsyville said...

ah, i love hearing where others have been. new england is really beckoning to me; i have a dream trip mapped out starting in montreal, up to quebec, around the gaspesie peninsula, then the NE states and villages on the way back.

esti and kelly probably have it right about ND. i was already in minnesota; why go somewhere colder?

and welcome anne; i love your work! say hi to uptown for me this weekend :)

e. beck said...

i went to wyoming this summer ... to see yellowstone ... and i spent five minutes in idaho ... cause it was close ... and i wanted to be able to say i'd been there .... also had lunch in montana same trip .....so i ticked three off a long list of states i've not been to yet ....

meryl's musings said...

Have you ever considered creating a greeting card line with your doodles? I am so intrigued by some of them, especially the flower garden one, that I've thought how fun it would be to use as blank note cards. Any thoughts on this?

Katie said...

I've been to new Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, and Maine. I loved Vermont and Maine. Those are two that I would definitely visit again.

I'm impressed that you've been to so many! I really need to visit more - it's difficult living in Canada though. haha It takes money I don't have. :)

aimee said...

meryl: no cards planned (kinda burnt out after a long time in the industry); for now this is just my playground! but thank you much for the compliment!

welcome katie :)

ambika said...

Gosh, I wish I could say I only had 8 to go.

Jeannie said...

Where in Indiana are you visiting?
I live in IN.
I see you know my friend e (of e.beck.artist fame)too.
I would like to visit seattle and vancover canada.

I should count the states I have yet to visit too -- maybe 10 or so left.