Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the misguided leader

here's my philosophy of the day on leadership and management styles. this approach doesn't seem to quite work, but it's what goes on in our house every day as i try to guide a fellow 'artiste' through this existence. [i rely heavily on the two left brainers in the house to balance things out.]

and WOW! i got a superblogaward yesterday from tiny red: thank you, thereza! so continuing the fun and spirit, here are a few blogs that give me creative fuel, ones i haven't mentioned or yet given their fair due:

yellow pencil studio: my good friend christy, a supertalented children's and editorial illustrator. i love looking through her portfolio online again and again. she can make anything come out of that pencil and make it look so easy; i've seen her in action and she is amazing. also check out her gorgeous letterpress goods at the petite press.

molusca: andrea's moleskine sketches could keep me in captivity for hours especially when i divert to her flickr site where she has even more to show. go visit, now. i'll wait here for you.

megan coyle: i've always been a collage addict but megan takes collage to a new level. when i look at her work it's like looking at a painting. i have to remind myself that these are all bits of paper, cut up and arranged beautifully down to the tiniest detail.

daisy janie: i can't do anything with fabric at all but that does not stop me from peeking into jan's brain on a regular basis. she does some of the coolest textile designs i've ever seen. plus she has an outstanding sense of humor.

life in the pink box: get over to shugar's world for a moment. doesn't it make you want to jump into one of those doodles and swim around for a while so you can see every last detail? i also like her features on life in southeast asia.

i think that's only five but i'm running late so need to post now or it won't happen. for those of you listed, here are the rules should you choose to follow them [i'm a lousy rule follower so i can only give you the choice, not the command]: mention seven-ish blogs you love on your next post. link to me if you want to. and comment on your blogs of choice to let them know you're going to send some quality traffic their way.

oh, and one more important mention: a thank you to nancy lefko for such a warm and appreciative mention on her post yesterday!

now, time for morning duties and a zippety-doo-da off to kansas city. happy tuesday all :)


♥ Tiny Red said...

awww this is great!!! wonderful doodle!
it's not a lot different over here. only i rely on my other half's right side a lot more than i should really. maybe i was born one sided only hahaha
have a nice day! :))

daisy janie : scoutie girl said...

Thanks Aimee! How cool is that?! Now I have to rummage around in my blog reader to come up with a few! Have a great time in KC!

Christy said...

You are so sweet to mention me. Thank you. XOXO

Krissy said...

hehe! Love the doodle :)
I always forget how close you are! Enjoy KC :)

please sir said...

Great list - I will have to check these out. Thanks for your living comment - I want to fly!

aimee said...

great to see you all here! i'm having a mind hiccup at the moment but i'll be back tomorrow...


you're very welcome...and I really enjoyed visiting the blogs mentioned in your post :)

Kelly C. said...

cool! congratulations!! i'm loving your thoughts on management and couldn't agree more!
have a great trip to KC.

aimee said...

ok, mind hiccup gone. thanks for the well wishes; i should have mentioned the trip to KC is nothing special - i'm there at least twice a week! i'm a frequent zippety-doo-da-er to the metro area!

Molusca said...

woooo!!!! thank you aimee!! Im so happy that you like my "rayitas" :)

hrsj said...

zippity-doo-da,,, i love that.

i think i know who your fellow right-brainer is :)

Shugar said...

Woooo, cool! Thanks for the mention Aimee!

Megan Coyle said...

thanks :)

I gave you a shout-out in my post today, to thank you for mentioning me.