Friday, July 31, 2009

more excuses to re-invent

i keep looking for more ways to milk the groovy doodle concept so i can 1) deplete my horrifying overstock of paper and 2) break my ancient printer so i can buy a new one. a while ago i designed and sold this line of personalized stationery - the precursor to the groovy doodle notes, i guess - but eventually stopped because it became so labor intensive that i spent most of my time producing and not designing. now that they've sat untouched for a few years, i'm no longer disenchanted with them, and valentina's weekword has inspired me to start freshening up the name notes with a few new designs. any other groovy doodle ideas? i did the wine tags last month - but what the heck else can i make with a bit of ink, colored paper and a printer? bookmarks? business cards? notepads? give me some ideas - i'll get rid of my paper and break that printer yet.

i'm thrilled to see so many new visitors here these days - an extra special thanks to those who came to artsyville via artists who blog and pecannoot. it's great to have you all here! your comments mean a great deal to me and i really appreciate it!

Monday, July 27, 2009

hola san diego

i'm still in a dream state - not even a long run through the rolling kansas prairie this morning could shake the mountains, the sea or the beach from my mind after a super weekend in san diego with my travelgals. this was my little every-once-in-a-while happy escape from the heat when i lived in arizona, so of course i didn't want to leave this time, either. forget the fires, the earthquakes, the absurd cost of living, the housing crisis - i'll take southern california just the way it is.

please stop by pecannoot for another doodle-interview and to wish jess the best as SHE heads off to california tomorrow morning to get hitched to her sweetie! if you want to grin from ear to ear, watch her love story illustration/animation! and have a great monday :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

bits of brightness

little bits of goodness to brighten the week: 1) a "just because" package that appeared in the mailbox from sweet heather smith jones (thank you heather!), 2) a pillow that someone threw on the floor, 3) an impromptu goofing-off day trip to the plaza in kansas city (it was built in the 1920s and i love the architecture), and 4) a little pattern/color dance with my artsygirl.

still laughing at fruenswerk's crazy pigeon story - and i thoroughly enjoyed this open house sketch tour around the world! suzanne is an excellent tour guide :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

one more reminder

i love to play with words in my doodles just as much as the actual doodling part itself, but i have been goofing off entirely too much this summer and needed a little reminder to sit on my caboose and start churning out the words again.

oh, and since i've been goofing off, i forgot to take pictures last friday, saturday, and sunday to document what i was doing at exactly 7:45 p.m. (for the record, i was: 1) having a beer and a pizza at rudy's pizzeria, 2) moving furniture and throwing away over half the kids' toys in a manic fit so the house could breathe again, and 3) desperately hoping that my children would go to bed early for once. they didn't.) go see jane for more weekend documentaries!

Monday, July 20, 2009

a place to bloom

on thursday, a dear old pal and i took a field trip to indiana university in bloomington, the spot that sparked my love for quirky college towns. there are nearly 40,000 students here, but i often forget this: the campus and architecture are so gorgeous that the rest of the world disappears the minute i start walking around. the first order of business, though, was a stop at the student union bakery for our favorite chocolate cookies. then i headed for kirkwood avenue, the main drag leading downtown, wondering if i would find any of those little traces of humanity that surface and thrive in villes of higher education...

oh yes! definitely. off to a good start here...

...and i would have missed this mural without the sharp eye of my traveling sidekick, an art historian, who can now return to her students with hard proof that there is an authentic ingres in bloomington, indiana ;)

i think it's impossible to leave bloomington without feeling bloominated in some way...

and how could i not love these little guys shaped like the state of indiana? this one looks totally shellshocked to find himself/herself/itself here...

this one seems catatonic, resigned...

this one is plotting something devilish...

and this one has figured out how to escape by chewing through the ohio river.

pygmalion's is a great little art supply store - i bought my first set of rapidographs here. i was a business major, though, and they didn't help me much with accounting and finance. (actually, not much at all helped me with accounting and finance.)

a little turkish restaurant across the street from my old house.

and, speaking of my old house, remember this documentary of my year in a scary college rental? out of curiosity i googled the address, and found that it is now a moroccan restaurant. the owner took me on a tour of the house, including my old room upstairs which is still rented out. but the downstairs - what a transformation! gone is the dark, iffy bordello-like entryway, as are the stuck-in-the-80s freaks who lived in these rooms. i didn't ask about the drug supplier in the basement, but i assume he's gone, too.

so i enjoyed a most remarkable moroccan lunch on my old front porch, sans the dozens of chicago tribunes and the mysterious sickle, just inches from where my bathtub appeared one day.

i had two parting thoughts - the first was a flash of gratitude that digital cameras weren't around when i went to school here. otherwise, i would have been so distracted that i might have not graduated. and second: who knew that the best meal i'd ever have in that house would be 16 years after i moved out of it?

Friday, July 17, 2009

artists who blog

if you have a moment, please pop over to germany and say hello to stephanie at artists who blog - you might see some familiar scribbles in her post today. while you're there, check out her beautiful studio with a view and her recently launched kitchen sketches. danke, stephanie - this was a big honor and i had loads of fun with it!

right now i'm unpacking from my 1500 mile circle around the midwest, including a 10 hour drive today that crossed even the eyes of this road warrior. looking forward to catching up with all of your blogs and re-settling into the ville for a little bit. i have some goofy pics and a good story about my trip to bloomington that i'll share in the next post :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

on the road again

greetings from indianapolis, stage two of the tour de midwest! in a few minutes my best friend, who is also visiting from out of town, is kidnapping me on a side trip to bloomington to visit our alma mater, indiana university. we usually cause some sort of ruckus when we're there and i can't wait to see what sort of trouble we get into today. hope to catch up on all my blog reading when i get home - and in the meantime, a big thanks to ces for her marvelous drawing - such an honor and a wonderful surprise. and speaking of surprises, i'll try to pop back here to share one more before i hit the long, miserable stretch of I70 tomorrow morning. adios!

p.s traveling light = using the kids' crayola twistable colored pencils for journal doodles. i LOVE them!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

hello chicago

it was indeed time for a road trip! so i took off for chicago and had a great weekend with family and friends...downtown chicago is magnetic and there isn't a better time to visit than right now, when the skies are shining and the water is sparkling.... it is just as perfect in the summer as it is miserable in the winter. i was chasing my girls all over on this trip, so there wasn't much time for detailed photo documentaries or going to many of my favorite haunts, but we had a grand time in millennium park and even made it to the beach one day... and i met this lovely lady along the way - the author of one of my favorite art journal books and a super gracious host... a big hug and thanks to jennifer for a wonderful time in the groovy town of iowa city! and thanks, too, to my car for surviving yet another road trip with me...