Wednesday, March 17, 2010

haiku to you too

back to the world of meter and rhythm! i had a behemoth list of lists inspired by the pillow book (things i miss about cubicle life but not enough to go back, products that broke my heart when they were discontinued, things i don't understand about kansas, and so on) that i was going to post today, but then i went to see anairam and i've been chanting in haiku ever since. i love blogging dearly for that. no punishment for doing a complete reversal of intention. so for better or for worse, here is my summary of yesterday in functional haikus. haikus you can use.








please don't call the poetry police on me! i was a business major and i have no education in the matters of scansion and word placement. i just wanted to play. plus it gave me an excuse to use my little tags and these fun patterns from the book All Wrapped Up - a very cool compendium of 60s gift wrap. dump your own haikus here if you wish. i'd love the company!


T.L. Holmes said...

Spring Break needs to come
How I need to get away
Green, warm, freedom...NOW!

Beth Niquette said...

I absolutely ADORE these! You are SO creative, and you make me laugh.

Thank you, and a happy St. Paddy's Day to you!

painted fish studio said...

i wish i could do
haiku as good as you but
nope. i can't. i suck.

Anonymous said...

Are you kiddn' me Aimee...You are the MASTER of word placement. There is no other!! Although I truly wanted to hear about "products that broke your heart when they were discontinued", seriously, I totally enjoyed your haikus, especially the '5 damns' one, I just know how it feels...I'm with you.
Thank you dear Aimee for not forgetting about me although I've been oh so bad with posting lately...
XOXOrly...keep speaking Haikuish, I'll stick to my random writings.

TSannie said...

We're on the same track today, though your haikus are much better than my one. I really need to stretch my mind more.

Love the tags. The old mom in me says especially the Damn damn damn... one.

lori vliegen said...

you speak haiku
so much better than i
doo be doo be doo

p.s. LOVE your tags.....i wish i could be a little mouse on your art table.... :)))

Susie said...

Oh how I would love
the words from inside my head
could look pretty too!

~Valentina~ said...

Oohhh these are great! Love the damn, damn, damn...

Coreopsis said...

Oh my! These made me grin my fool head off (who is cranky from all the cold gray weather). The tags are so bright and beautiful, and the haiku made me enormously happy, especially the ones about the gray sky and the exasperated mother.

Jeannine said...

Thank you for providing today's artful and comic relief! These are exactly the kinds of haiku I love ... brilliant, Aimee, absolutely brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I'm with painted fish!

Seriously, are so able to turn the mundane frustrations of motherhood/plain old life and elevate it to art - fanTAStic!

Deb's Artful Journey said...

another work day
wishing otherwise wont do
writing haiku helps

Thanks for the smile on my face! I love writing haikus.

aimee said...

these are awesome! keep entertaining me please!

p.s. as for that last one, daylight savings is killing me. i don't know why they can't leave a good thing alone!

jane said...

love these! i´m signing off with a smile.
xxx jane

Annie Pazoo said...

Aimee - bind them together in a book. Or scan and reproduce as a book. I'll order it! Truly wonderful.

cindy said...

i love 'em, especially the last one! you are a creative writer, aimee. sorry, but you can't hide behind your business major any longer. xo, c

Bella Sinclair said...

Seals in the flavor?
Look, I am macerating
Shame, your dirty mind.

Ces said...


Nicole said...

Sitting here, reading
your smart, amusing haikus
Thank you for the laughs.

Aris said...

Love these especially the one about the grey sky, though I can certainly relate to them all, now I 'll go check and make sure I started the dryer. (:

michelle allen said...

schmolly you are a clever smart gal. i dream to be more like you!!! you will forever be my inspiration.

pixie said...

you're killing me.
you're killing me, aimee!

#2 caused me to spit out my chamomile/lemongrass.

so long as we're not calling the pp:

Snuggle with my boy
Finger in the nose again?
Sanitizer fetched

you will love knowing that my husband wrote erotic (hilarious) haikus for me for valentine's day. :)

Gracia said...

'Gray sky delicious'... ah, yes, I like it and the sense of play that flows through all.

Anonymous said...

very, very cool... you make it all so awesomely lovely!

can't wait to see what you don't understand about kansas... since i live there, LOL!

la ninja said...

haiku haiku haiku
let's see whether I can do
half as well as you

not. let's try again:

little parcel in da mail
let's hope it gets there safe
little parcel in da mail

Nicky Linzey said...

reading artsyville
early morning - dog snoozing
can life be better?

you must understand
a sleeping jack russell is
worth his weight in gold

rachel awes said...

this is one of my fav posts of yours! (i loooove so many, so i'm not sure how really truly that is!). your words range from so funny to so tender/deep & always so clever & heartcharming & always living in color.
i adore your haiku, & YOU.

Tyggereye said...

wonderful haikus
Need to check out that book now
want to try them too

T.L. Holmes said...

It's thirsty Thursday
And boy, do I need a drink!
Wine, beer, or tinis will do.

(guess I'll need to wait until work is out though, huh?)

Anonymous said...

Love the haikus! Business major, bah! You are a rockstar with the words! Haiku your heart out, and the tags are great!

pushdontpull said...

I actually laughed out loud about the honking cars.

Thanks, Aimee!

Kim Hambric said...

I did remember
to start my dryer Sunday
will unload today

Your haiku are fantastic! Thanks for the laughs. Now onto folding and putting away.

Sam said...

sun is out today
cleveland is almost cheerful
who knew that could be?

this is a poor example, but in 2009 i actually wrote a year's worth of haiku! you can see them on my blog...

Romilly said...

I LOVE them!!!

gm glimmerglass said...

car latte dribble
staff meeting fashion faux pax

soulbrush said...

oh aimee, only you can make haikus look so lovely. am gonna make your girls some pink cats sssshhh don't tell them, big surprise. two girls is that right?

●• Thereza said...

tons of fun!!! :)

Domestic Scribbles said...

children herds move fast
Vitamin D radiates
blooming after school

steve said...

haha! So good to drop by here again. The dryer one had me in stitches (i do this all the time!)!

Terri said...

"Oh there isn't one." You are the best!!!

How funny, I just "wrote" a haiku on the way home tonight.

i just want to site
without electricity
middle of nowhere

i was counting syllables on the steering wheel. not nearly as good as any of yours. Ah, I'm cracking up.

Terri said...

oops. sit. although it could be sight or shit and still work as well as sit. kinda.

aimee said...

i sit here and weep
as i watch march madness scores
bracket up in smoke

Ces said...

I don't get this haiku thing.

I love words. The more the merrier unless someone had a high-pitched voice.

Jane said...

I really related to the second one down :) This was my kind of day yesterday:

Last night for dinner
I put burgers on the grill
There was no propane

Inner Toddler said...

up at 4 am
jetlag is a fickle bitch
good time for haiku

haiku is favorite artform. next to interpretive dance. you kill me.

6512 and growing said...

Damn, you are fun!

joanne said...

they're all awesome and pretty much fit the day for me too... but my favorite is the carbonated mind one... me thinks you are a poet ... you mean you did not know it? (ouch... i apologize but i couldn't help myself :)

Katsui Jewelry said...

What an interesting blog.I love the haiku and your collaged panels beloew. Really nice colo on the haihi...yummy!

My daughter and I just opened a blog...come an visit if you wish!


Dawn said...

They are great !!

Lori said...

You are SO funny! These are sweet and hilarious and smart and creative and i love them so much.

L'Atelier said...

fa fa fabulous! love your haikus!


Megan Coyle said...

These are so much fun and so creative. I especially like the one about not turning the dryer on --too funny!

M comme...Maman said...

Adorable and Oh so funny! Love it!!

aimee said...

thank you for making this post so much fun! i am still laughing!

Nina Crittenden said...

I love these! Inspired!!!

Anonymous said...

very very cool and they made me giggle!
I do need to try and write some haikus.
Thank you for inspiring me!

Carmen said...

I love you Aimee. Coming to your blog always makes me smile.

Fruenswerk said...

I love your haikus... haha...And did a little surfing about it...
I wanna play haiku too...when I have some time haha

Christine said...

Love love LOVE your Haiku.
:-) A Haiku-Goddess :-D

Anairam said...

Your haikus are absolutely brilliant! You are a natural!

BT said...

Oh these made me laugh so much, I just love them. Fabulous stuff.

Lynn Fisher said...

Girrl, you're good at not fair!!!!

Joy said...

You SO win at haiku-ing!