Monday, April 26, 2010



hello and a good monday to you! finally responding to a gentle nudge from christine. here goes: 1) if something says DRY CLEAN ONLY i usually throw it in the washer anyway. most of the time it turns out fine. if it doesn't then i had no business buying it in the first place. 2) we use bonne maman jelly jars for juice glasses. 3) i'm working on a doodle about procrastination. not finished yet. 4) when i set out to intentionally do something i often wind up unintentionally doing the opposite. for example if i try to come across as graceful and sophisticated, i'll garble my words, trip over a table or spill something. if i try to be quiet while everyone else is sleeping, i'll drop a glass, run into a door or send something crashing to the floor. 5) last week i plugged up the checkout line at whole foods because i bought a placemat with a map of the states on it, which sent the bagger and the checker into a debate over the history of state boundaries and the colorado gold rush. 6) for the most part i'm much happier busy than idle and 7) the weather sucks here today. if you're game, make it a fun day for me and spill a random bit about yourself here! back to the doodledesk!


Kim Hambric said...

If I try on and love an article of clothing in a store, as soon as I buy it and bring it home it is either too big, too small, or too ugly. I have no idea how this happens in the bag on the ride home.

I buy nothing but black shoes. I want to buy lovely shoes, but by the time I find shoes for a very narrow foot and with arch support, the colors offered are black, bone or navy. I hate bone and navy.

I do the same with dry clean only clothes. I figure I have the same track record of ruining clothes as the local dry cleaner. So I just save the money and ruin it myself. (Actually, I have very good results doing it myself).

I love being cheered up by a great blog on a Monday morning. Thanks!!

Juliette Crane said...

thank you for sharing these random things and for totally making me smile bec i do so many of those same things. esp the garble of the words when i try and be something else. i always stop and smell the flowers, literally bec they make me so happy, and i always wrap up in clothes straight from the dryer :)

xoxo, juliette

~Barb~ said...

This is such an awesome post and I'd love to "play along."

I wear only two brands of shoes...Yellow Box and Birkenstock...they are the only brands I've ever found that fit my super wide feet right.

I only buy clothes from thrift stores, never new. It stems from my days of being super poor and finding that I could live on less that I've never gone back to buying new. (Bras and socks I do buy new, though.)

I think I am becoming a cardboard hoarder...I can't bear to put cardboard in the garbage so I tear it apart and save the large pieces to paint on or use in collage. I have huge piles of cardboard in my studio now. It's getting a bit out of hand but I can't stop so I think I have to paint faster. LOL

I love randomness...thanks for sharing and letting me share, too.

Peace & Love,

Nicky Linzey said...

I like to smell my dog's ears!

Karen Blados said...

Ha, I love this post! It's always fun to learn about my artist friends. Maybe I'll give it a try on my blog, too!

Kelly Warren said...

fun list!

same for me with dry cleaning clothes. i wash them and keep my fingers crossed.

i'm a sleepwalker. first discovered at the age of nine, when my grandmother found me sitting on the edge of my bed "driving" to the mall. when i got to the mall, i got up and walked to the end of the hall, turned around and came back and went back to sleep. lately i move furniture in my sleep. weird.

i'm extremely clutzy. and one of my girls has inherited that.

i talk to my self ALL THE TIME. out loud. and i answer back too.

buzzbuzz said...

Hi aimee, it's corinna..Great blog!!! Came over here to check out that tile tutorial you mentioned. WOW! It really does sound wonderful I can't wait to try it out. just in case, I'll get to it when the boys are not around, just can't fathom the idea of my boys with a supply of inks!!!!

Oh yah...random bit about self.......

I like to peel my grapes before I eat them, and I think Evan's inherited that as well.

And yes, I do the same with those dry clean clothes too!

debsphotographs said...

me too...dry clean clothes in the washer. although try not to buy anything that i may have to iron b/c i then won't ever wear it.

i'm a perfectionist and think it sucks...most of the time, especially when it comes to my photography. wish i could let go more. someday i will.

i just learned about you (and your awesome work) today and am hoping to meet you this weekend ;-)


Megan Walker said...

I finally show up before comment #47 and can't think of a thing to say. I've sat here for like half an hour. Is that so pathetic or what.


Most of the time I like dogs better than people
Everything scares me
My favorite music is still stuck in a time warp
I get all my jeans on eBay
I would give anything to *love* to cook!
The only shirts I wear are tie dye and Life is Good
I'll take mountains over beach
the Ruffles are taking over my life! LOL!

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh, you alarmed me with that photo.

OMG, I have a dry-clean-only chenille rug in the washer right NOW! And HAHAHA for the overeducated bagger and checker.

1) in high school, some friends and I dressed in black t-shirts, flannel, ripped jeans and chains and went to the mall just to see what it would feel like to be goth-heavy metal mall rats. 2) I like a dollop of peanut butter in my oatmeal, but never stirred in. 3) I'm paranoid that my hair is thinning.

Inner Toddler said...

I once posed nude for an artist in college. which is why my kids are going to community college and living with me until they're 30 because even college age kids are STUPID.

Lisa said...

Hah - I love these! (And so agree with the dry clean thing. Sadly I think I've ruined a pair of my hubby's pants this way. Oh well, he didn't need them either.)

Hmmm...1) I've had up to 9 piercings at one time in life. I now wear one single pair of earrings. Still have most the holes. Creepy.

2) I'm a mommy of two and live on a quiet little street in a lovely neighborhood...and yet, I'm a tree lovin', peace-pursuing yogini who curses at sometimes very inappropriate times and adores a glass of wine. I don't quite fit any mold.

3) I have more art supplies than I can think what to do with but I can't get rid of a single one. Just in case.

4) Remember # 2? part of that duty now calls...

thanks again for a wonderful post!

Jean said...

I'm game!
1. I don't let my husband go near my laundry. It will die. Fast.
2. I love taking a day off from work just to make arts and crafts and play in my art journal.
3. I think I am going to buy a used Vespa. My 21 year old said I would look "cool" on it! I would not share it with anyone :)
4. I am known for my whistling. I constantly have strangers who come up to me and say, "I know you! You're the lady who whistles all the time!"
5. I'm glad that I'm NOT known for other things - LOL!
6. I just started a summer job at our local theme park (the one I've been going to since 1979!) I am so excited!!
7. And, of course, I love your doodles (not so random, but very true!!)

Phoenix Peacock said...

ooo what fun!

1) I too have posed nude for artists... however, I do not regret it nor would I mind if my children chose to do so. (as long as it is fine art and not pornographic). (2) I've also drawn and painted nude models. As an artist I'm not looking at their bodies as much as I am looking at the lines and colors their bodies make. (3) My first language is German. I can't speak more than a few greetings now. (4) I've also forgotten all my Spanish. (5) I am currently working on a sculptural piece that uses lint and other disposed objects. (6) I hate trying to iron business shirts - there is always one section that wrinkles no matter what (7) I drink coffee for comfort and the ritual but I am not addicted to caffeine (8) A friend said she spent the other evening listening to Beethoven and doing creative cooking... it reminded her of me (9) Eating good food is more important to me than losing weight (10) I cry when I watch TV and movies - I think the characters are real and that I know them...

Buffalo Lucy said...

Great post!

Random tidbits:

I hate tomatoes and the smell of ketchup makes me want to vomit.

When I read a magazine I can't skip ahead to an article I'm interested in. I have to at least flip through every page until I get to it. This started when I was a child and had a subscription to Highlights. It may be why I hardly ever read magazines anymore.


Christy said...

E is always mesmerized by the windows at that store! The bike accident one was hilarious. Me, I'm mesmerized by your writing and drawing. Always wonderful!

cindy said...

i love your list, especially no. 5 and i agree with no. 1! i collect shopping bags. my mom did, too. sometimes, they're just too nice to throw out and the smallest shops can have the nicest bags. now, if i lived in artsyville i could make something good out of 'em. xo, c

pixie said...

clutzing. fo sho.
bum humor.
sneaking gluten-free cookies after hours.
video chatting it up with australians.
swallowing my pride.
shoehorned into pre-pregnancy jeans.
loving your shares.

pixie said...

p.s. naked butts unite:
also have posed nude for an album cover :)

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

This is hilarious and I have read most of the comments that your guest bloggers have left and I am laughing so hard over here!!! Oh it's to early in the dang morning for this kind of humor, but here goes,
I speak fluent cat ( just call me the cat whisper)
I breathe through my feet so they can never be under
the covers to long at night.
I can't stand ugly shoes!!
I really like men with beautiful hands! It's like the first thing I notice.
I to collect cardboard for my collage stuff. It's crazy I have shelves of the stuff!
Sometimes I heat my ice in the microwave to take the chill off. K, I think that does it for now at least LOL!!! It was so good to hear from you. I have been seeing your fabulous stuff in the magazines! YOU ROCK GIRLY!! You really do. Hugs

Curls O Fred said...

Lovely tidbits about you :) Here's one from me: I used to think squirrels were the spawn of satan. Not so much anymore, though they still aren't my favorite animals.

Eliza Lynn Tobin said...

@curls o grandmother once killed a squirrel with a ski pole!
I have one dred lock (named Shiva).
I secretly like the smell of gasoline.
I used to cheat my brother out of his halloween candy by trading him pictures of our cousins (I told him they were famous people and worth a lot of money!)
I LOVE yoga and think it fits perfectly with my coffee addicted lifestyle.

Domestic Scribbles said...

Found a bubble wand that the kids don't spill the entire contents during first use and get great delight in the returns.

S.E.Minegar said...

Love the mannequin.

Today I crashed the computer at Kinkos because the file I was printing was so huge. The clerk told me that I was the first ever to do so. Yay for amateur photo-shoppers!

my word verification for this comment was suped...kinda like stupid with an accent.

6512 and growing said...

Love #4. It's usually right after I hiss at my husband to be quiet so as to not wake sleeping kids, that I drop a glass on the floor.

Anonymous said...

Random facts, huh? I love my corgi dog, cutest butt in the world! I wear fuchsia glasses that are bifocals! If Land's End EVER makes slip on canvas clogs again I'm buying ALL of the pink ones. I plan on start smoking again when I am 74 (but probably won't.) I could sit and do artwork all day and never even look at a clock. I adore Homerun Inn cheese pizza, too bad it is not diet food. :-)

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, you just described me.. especially the dry cleaning part!! .. "handwash/dry flat"? Yeah, that goes in the washer/dryer too. May I add that as far as taking pictures is concerned, if I don't care and just snap snap snap they are great. If I am on vacation or someone is in a recital, forget about it. Oh, I could spill so much more....where's that glass of wine...

Aris said...

I was up early everyone is on vacation but me so they were all sleeping sweetly and I dropped so many things this morning and I chuckled and thought of you.
What the heck is dry cleaning anyway? kinda icky if you think about it.

~Valentina~ said...

I use black yoga pants and black t-shirts EVERYDAY
… and red (or orange) crocks

heather smith jones said...

Our Lawrence mannequins crack me up. I feel like they all have some kind of defect, or got caught in a train wreck or something. It's hilarious!

Lynn Fisher said...

Glad to see the doodler is still at THAT is a display window!

aimee said...

this one took artsyville to an entirely new level. you've all turned this place into a confessional! i'm almost speechless with delight! this is why tv and movies can never top real life. you try to find a reality show that has a cardboard hoarder, dog-ear-smeller, sleepwalker, grape-peeler, squirrel hater, gasoline sniffer, trading card swindler, shopping bag collector,
and three nudies, among these many other amazing other characters. that was way too entertaining for my own good - i'm definitely doing spillsville again!

Coreopsis said...

Don't be done yet! I just saw this post, and I LOVE all the things people have to say. I used to pose nude for college art classes, and I felt like I was giving all those students a GIFT (and I'd get mad if they made bad drawings). My friends all did too, and once a whole slew of us went up when one of us was scheduled and there were five of us posing nude instead of only one.

I'm a public school teacher, and I buy almost all of my clothes at thrift shops. I don't iron anything. A student today said that I looked like I was dressed for an ACDC concert, but I didn't know what he meant by that. I also don't ever comb my hair.

And I LOVE this blog!

Shelly said...

I'm going to keep spillsville going too... Love it, Aimee! :)

1) I say orange when I mean yellow and yellow when I mean orange.
2) I often confuse left and right. Don't ask me for directions.
3) I have a love/hate relationship with technology.
4) I have amazing dreams that are hard to wake up from sometimes.
5) Things organized in rainbow color order make me happy.
6) I check my email too often. (See #3.)
7) I wonder what lime did to piss off the people who make Starburst.

Shannon said...

What a fabulous list you...and that photo!!

L'Atelier said...

Hahaha! I love your spills, my favourite is the till hold up.

gypsy said...

As usual, I'm late to the party. I was painfully punctual until I married a guy from a country with no sense of time and now I'm always late. Other than book stores + art stores, I hate shopping, it is too chaotic for me! There, that felt good. Thanks Aimee for always making me smile.