Saturday, June 12, 2010

bubbles of your day


if you're up for a bit of navel gazing and reflection, name three things you've done so far today - they don't have to be monumental or sensational. just three ways you spent your bubbles of time before they disappeared. of course, if you did do something monumental or sensational, by all means please tell...


aimee said...

1. spent the first half of the day in a kvetchy mood and broke through it with (of all things) a nap and game of frisbee.

2. bought an ice cream cake at Dairy Queen.

3. just realized i haven't done much more than that ;)

Dawn D. Sokol said...

I don't even think I've done 3 things! Hee, hee...yes, I have:

1. Watched the US v England in the World Cup

2. Bought some music on iTunes

3. Journaled.

Anonymous said...

1. Spent 45 min circling the Ontario airport waiting to pick up the 2nd Trombone player from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

2. Actually kept twitter turned off for several hours (while i was in the same room w/the computer) (yes, it's back on now, I couldn't take it anymore)

3. Had a fish taco for lunch.

Sydney Harper said...

1. Ate lots and lots of cherries.

2. Went to my hair appointment.

3. Relaxed after several weeks of being extremely busy.

I Saw You Dancing said...

Gorgeous picture!
It's Sunday morning here and so far I have:
1. Had a shower while my little one naps, relishing having the bathroom to myself, without a little person crawling around the floor and trying to barge into the shower cubicle with me!
2. Ironed and donned my new black skirt, which I'd like to think is rather flattering.
3. Skimmed the arts, fashion, and food bits of the Sunday papers.
I'm now plotting my next moves, which involve a blog post, a trip to the supermarket, and a call to Roadside Assist to put a new battery in my car. Thankfully tomorrow is a public holiday and I have my husband staying home from work plus my parents' return from a trip overseas to look forward to. Yippee!

redchuckstress said...

1. Made coffee from my coffee press!

2. I blogged a thread sketching tutorial I found and posted pics of my zoo trip.

3. Worked on my business plan for my shop.

daisy janie said...

1. weeded & mulched & got sunburned (that's a 3fer)
2. ran with friends, then coffee'd with friends. (a 2fer)
3. walked George (a 1fur)

Sam said...

1. cleaned my room like crazy

2. watched the US play england in the world cup

3. made an applesauce spice cake

i suppose i did much more than i thought, now that i look back! and my optimism is returning rapidly as my room sparkles :)

Rita A. said...

I LOVE the photo of the bubbles.
Today I:
1. bought our daughter a camera for her 30th birthday
2. studied a bead magazine for ideas for a bracelet
3. had a bowl of chocolate mint icecream.

Have a great day.

Natasha said...

Bubbles make me happy! I'd like to float around in one while eating ice cream and watching clouds...

So I have..

- been riding waves of contractions that are happening early

-cheered Go USA from my couch then flipped over to Toy Story and laughed with my wee one - I'm never going to be a grownup..yes, I'm a Mom but I only play one in front of my kid and I don't even do that all the time LOL

-ate YUMMY chocolate/vanilla swirl!

Curls O Fred said...

1. Slept
2. Worked on etsy
3. ate yummy japanese food

S.E.Minegar said...

Pretty picture!

1. Jogged and did push ups

2. Took passport photos (ugh)

3. Sent my grandma a postcard

Deb's Artful Journey said...

1. Had tea with my mom

2. Walked my dog.... twice

3. Did a little hand sewing

The Crusty Crone said...

1. Quickly checked on my daily blogs.

2. Showered before I could talk myself into delaying it so I wouldn't have to rush later.

3. Got myself out of the apartment by visiting a friend.

Good thing you only asked for three things, 'cause that's about it for me.

aimee said...

these are great! keep 'em coming!

i felt rather pathetic about kicking off the comments with not even three, so i did a few more things to round out the day.

1. walked downtown to pick up painted pottery from last week. it was the girls' first attempt and they did great. and didn't break anything.

2. went with the fam to rudy's for pizza and a beer.

3. weeded 1/3 of the sidewalk (it's brick, and the little slimes like to grow in between them) and called it a day.

Phoenix Peacock said...

1. went to the pup, drank Guinness for breakfast, and watched the World Cup games of the day.

2. Cheered and jeered during said games until my throat went raw.

3. bought ice cream with extra fudge at Dairy Queen (great minds think alike aimee!) to sooth raw throat.


Yvonne said...

Oh... It's only just gone 6am, Sunday morning, but let's see:
1. lingering in early-morning peace & quiet! Big mugs of coffee, getting side-tracked by no one but myself ;)
2. morning pages - got stuck half-way through...
3. going online for inspiration (is what we'll call it ;)) and composing this-here comment.
Ain't much to show for myself, but it IS only 6am :)

Jessica said...

Hi! Slightly drizzly day in Anchorage; here are the highlights:
1. Started my first day sans coffee. Found out that on a scale of 1 to 3, I have about a level 5 allergy to coffee. Going to be a painful week.

2. Visited our local Native Heritage Center. Everyone stood around bored, since it was required for a class we're taking, but secretly I was fascinated for much of the time.

3. Took a last-minute drive into town for the spaghetti feed my cousins' TKD dojang was doing as a fundraiser for their trip for nationals. Love is doing things you don't really want to do for people you'd do anything for.


Bella Sinclair said...

1. I napped! Whoa!

2. Left bloggy comments.

3. Started a new sketch.

Aimee, I love your nose and everywhere you stick it. :)


gypsy999 said...

1. Photographed daylillies in the late afternoon, nice angle of sunlight.
2. Watched Young Victoria and US v UK.
3. Helped kids organize art, schoolwork etc that had collected on our breakfast table in recent weeks.

Francesca said...

Hi aimee! It's 8.30 am on sunday here, and suddenly I realize that I've been very productive:
1) did some gardening (ALREADY! all ALONE, while everyone was asleep! PEACE)
2) wrote a quick post
3) had a whole pot of coffee by myself
happy sunday!

Gretchen said...

1. made coffee and crescent rolls

2. found out I won an item on ebay

3. watched an episode of Gilmore Girls

Dyche Designs said...

I've only been up for an hour but so far I have . . .

1. Sat in my favoite chair in our sun room drinking my morning cup of tea.

2. Laughed at my cats funny antics.

3. Checked out the website of the craft festival I'll be going to today, can't wait.

Christie said...

Today has just started for me, so I'll go with yesterday, which was all about preparing for a visit from my lovely in-laws.

1. Shopped for yummy, fresh food.

2. Prepared yummy, fresh food.

3. Cleaned. (Not fun, but so necessary.)

Then spent a wonderful Saturday evening eating and laughing. (Guess that's number 4, actually!)

rachel awes said...

oh aimee!
i haven't been up too long soooo...
one. woke up & layed in bed for a while going over memories from last night's 70th bday party for my husband's mom.
two. sent you an email.
three. thought i want to go downstairs & make some coffee & enjoy frothing milk with our ikea frother i love!

Leah said...

Aimee, I love the photo of the tree & bubbles!
1) went for an AM walk in almost rain with the dogs and sang out loud for part of the way around Isles.
2) took a nap while listening to a relaxation tape and slept for 5 hours.
3) left you a phone message.
Today could very well turn out to be a repeat of yesterday...

Kim Hambric said...

Well, its early on Sunday, so I'll just stick with Saturday.

1. Broke the window shade in the bedroom (up position of course).

2. Broke cabinet door in kitchen.

3. Purchased art print from fantastic artist.

Domestic Scribbles said...

Wish we'd been there to help pop the bubbles!

1. ate a pancake and mediated boys vs girls debate on the couch
2. went for a run and enjoyed the solitude, not the humidity
3. to shower, again to enjoy the solitude but I fear I will soon here "MOM!" even though their dad is in the building.

Liberty said...

9:23am here
I love that photo!
1. fed cats
2. traced my meridians (awesome energy medicine technique)
3. not much else yet (checked email before eating... bad me :)

Tyggereye said...

Great picture.

I ...
1. mopped the floor
2. Got dressed and ready for hubby and my date day
3. cleaned out rat cage.

(not in this order haha)

cath c said...

1. I stared out my window at the birch leaves in the breeze

2. i drank my coffee and thoroughly enjoyed it.

3. i got lots of hugs and i wove you-you!s from my little one.

Misty Bourne said...

1) I snuggled my hubby before leaving him to sleep in.
2) I caught up on all my blog reading.
3) I worked on our shopping list for today.

Happy Sunday to you! :)

Erin Butson said...

drink coffee.
snuggle with baby.
watch sesame street.
try to come awake.

I love your new banner. Itlooks great.

RW said...

1. chauffeured my 15 year olds dropping off resumes

2. made homemade hamburger patties

3. drank my first pinot gris of the season (after I was done all the driving)

L'Atelier said...

OOOHHH I love this new weekend game of yours :):):)

i did sleep in ( happens like twice a year)

went for a super delicious luncheon

took some photos of my neighbourhood

just relaxing a bit now before getting on with some dinner cooking......happy weekend Aimee!

Sheri said...

1. Left Chicagoland driving 65 mph.

2. Paid 2 tolls to get out of Chicagoland.

3. Sang along with the radio while high-tailing it out of Chicagoland.

painted fish studio said...

1} ate 2 cupcakes (damn you, jenn!)

2} watched a really bad movie on syfy while laying on the couch digesting the 2 cupcakes

3} mowed, so i'd feel some sense of accomplishment

Lynn Fisher said...

1) Had BLACK tea and oatmeal at Caribou.
2) Ran 2 and a quarter miles

3) Finished transcribing 2nd out of 4 interviews.

I think I deserve ice cream...very nice new banner BTW!!!

Sarah said...

Love the bubbles picture!
Spent the first part of the morning laying in bed reading 'Wolf Hall' by Hilary Mantell-it si great!
Went for lunch with Andy and an old friend who was down for the weekend from Nottingham. We had mexican-lovely but so filling!
Spent two hours in the evening catching up with school work I should have done Friday but was too tired, so now feel very virtuous.
Frisby is always good for dispelling bad moods!

Annie Pazoo said...

Nothing exciting or creative (;-0)
1 loads of laundry
2 attended judges training for county diving league
3 sat in hot hot sun practice judging a 'practice' rookie meet. damn hot. did I mention it was hot? oh wait, you didn't ask what I kvetched about today...
(4, 5, 6, visited favorite blogs :-)

Christine E-E said...

I love this idea... if I ever start to get a "blog following" I may steal this idea.
Love the bubbles pic, by the way.

It's Sunday evening - my three "bubbles"...
1) walked three miles before JPE fixed breakfast (sliced fruit w/yogurt topped w/granola)
2) vacumned, washed & waxed my car (thought of this as part of my workout for the day)
3) flipped the mattress - put on clean bedding (I love crisp sheets)

looking at this list - I sound sooo energetic!

Yesterday I was a SLUG! feeling guilty ~ so I didn't let myself turn on the computer until now!

AmandaMay said...

I liked reading these, little snapshots of days around the world! Today I...

1. Slept in, but still got up before everyone else in the house. Ha!

2. Walked downtown for bagels with friends.

3. Attempted to hang a hammock on the front porch (its far too large, boo)

queencake and titangirl said...

1. baked a cake ( lemon with apricots )
2. tried to find my son`s passport ( without success)
3. wrote four letters to friends and foes:)))

Anairam said...

It is Monday - can I still comment? 1. I made myself three cups of coffee
2. I downloaded the next couple of wodges from the publisher
3. I took a pic of an art journal page that I may post on later today

PS Snous says that the Umberto Eco book (On Beauty) is definitely worth the read, but it is the kind of book you dip into and don't read all in one go. Anairam does not read, she just looks at the pictures ...

suzanne cabrera said...

Aimee---You're the queen of good :
1. Got out of bed
2. Sorted laundry!
3. Created guest list for 30th birthday party...wish you lived close by!

Mariana said...

what an amazing and colorful blog! AND ART!

What did I do...
-went for an 8km walk around the woods behind my house.
-harvested strawberries from our veggie garden
-Wrote up 30 birthday invitations for my son's 4th birthday party...


freebird said...

Drank coffee, watered a couple of trees and helped my husband make a confusing order online.

Alexandra Hedberg said...

1. watching a man in a spacesuit fixing something on a roof
2. cleaning my studio
3. playing cards (and loosing every time) with my son

Alexandra Hedberg said...

but my 3 things was today Monday - not on Saturday.

same same, but different

joanne said...

1. got out of bed (no minor achievement)

2. made an organic smoothie with strawberries, yogurt, and honey

3. drank my strawberry smoothie

and all before 11:30 a.m.... can you believe it? :)

Shannon said...

Made paper airplanes with Kestan, roasted beets and danced to "Say Hey, I Love You."

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in to say hi! I love your blog. Your artwork is so precious!

~Valentina~ said...

1.- Finally posted something in my blog
2.- Watched Italy vs Paraguay (Forza azzurri!)
3.- Taked some time to check my favorites blogs ;)

Lori said...

During my blogging break apparently I missed your new BANNER. I gasped out loud when I saw it Aimee. Its fantastic. I just love you!

Coreopsis said...

Lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely picture!

1. Played fiddle with my sweetie. Just one tune, but we played it over and over and over, and really started to make things happen with it.

2. I watched a little bit of the Paraguay-Italy game with my son who is just now home from his first year of college.

3. I had an art play-date with a friend, and spent a couple hours messing around with art supplies with her (pictures posted on my blog). Maybe you should come over and join us next time....

Three worthwhile bubbles.

But they don't made me feel quite so bouyant inside as looking at this marvelous bubble picture.

pixie said...

1. argued
2. hugged
3. said, "i'm too tired to fight."

i love your questions...they make me reflect in a way that i likey...

Nicky Linzey said...

1. Dog walk
2. Bacon sandwich and tea
3. Went to look at a tent.
Gra wants to go camping but I've said only on the condition we buy a bigger tent as at the moment we only have a 2 man tent for us and the jack russell!!

AG Ambroult said...

ran, blogged, yelled at the chickens for crying wolf.

Anonymous said...

1. Packed clothes for a holiday
2. Wrote absence letters to two teachers
3. Cleared the fridge of veg and made a vast cauldron of soup drizzled in soy sauce which I then systematically ate all by myself. And it was nice.

aimee said...

this is more fun than you can possibly imagine! i love these "snapshots of days around the world", as amanda may calls them. doesn't matter which day you stop by, i'll take your spillings anytime! busy week, back soon!

Kolleen said...

let's see....

1) watched the bachelorette since i missed it last! some craziness going on there

2) shopped for father's day gifts for my most darling hubby

3) yoga baby!!!

now...i am off to meet my 15 year old daughter's "friend"....she says they aren't bf/gf yet!!


chrissy said...

1. grilled chicken and fresh roma tomatoes for a yummy lunch.

2. swam with two of my boys in the backyard INSTEAD of doing laundry.

3. watched my hubby and 2 of my boys share a salad...funny considering i NEVER see them eat salad..they are too macho for salad.

that was fun...thanks.

cactus petunia said...

1. Slept late.
2. Shopped at Ikea (spending someone else's money!)
3. Taught my beginning drawing class.

Janet said...

1. worked on my new company website
2. blew bubbles with a six year old
3. realized that the second is more important than the first