Saturday, June 5, 2010

saturday spilling


good morning! (still working through the morning here.) how about a little spilling today, à la jane of spain daily? i love her kiss and tells! 1. where did you live three moves ago? 2. where do you grocery shop? (i love the names of regional grocery chains) and 3. what was the last thing you did that amazed yourself?


aimee said...

my answers are: 1. chicago, 2. the merc (our local version of whole foods), dirty dillons on mass street, and sometimes clean dillons on 6th & wakarusa... and 3) i've kept my new plants alive for an entire week!

Jeannine said...

1. San Diego 2. Farm Fresh, Trader Joe's 3. drew a recognizable face with charcoal

Ooooh. I can't wait to check back here and see everyone's answers!

Domestic Scribbles said...

Happy Saturday!
1. A house my boyfriend and I rented to see how living together would work out. A year later, I proposed to him in the living room of that house. We've been married 10 years and have four kids. Seems to have worked out well. ;o)
2. The local Farmer's Market in season, Giant, Harris Teeter, and Trader Joe's.
3. That someone invited me to write a guest blog post.

Christie said...

1. downtown Toronto, 2. our local Italian grocery store, Angelina's, for produce and Metro for most other stuff, 3. teaching myself how to use my new digital SLR camera -- still a work in progress, but all of those buttons and settings are starting to make sense!

Lisa Gallup said...

1. A tiny studio apartment in Albuquerque while I was still in grad school (that was a long time ago!! lol I've been in my current home for over 22 years - unbelievble!)

2. Smith's

3. I turned 50 and am loving it! :D

Anonymous said...

woot, what fun!
1)Chicago! (well, actually Buffalo Grove, one of the gazillion Chicago-land suburbs)

2) Stater Bros, Trader Joe's, Albertson's

3) I designed a website all by myself! woot!

Love this!

painted fish studio said...

1} loring park, minneapolis
2} target, sigh. i feel lame about it, but it's the closest store to my home (i'm saving gas!) and it's nice to have one stop for food, refilling my birth control, and splurging on a cheap dress.
3} tomorrow i'm running a half marathon. i'm still amazed that i'm running at all, and running that kind of mileage.

Sarah said...

Deptford, Sainsburies, learn how to use photoshop. Good questions-and it is interestign to read the answers-I like to know grocery shop names too!

T.L. Holmes said...

1) A brief stint in Buenos Aires, Argentina (luckily, the # was 3 ago...otherwise, my answer would have been uber-dull!)
2) Martin's (our local grocery chain...for the area, it's verrry nice!)
3) Allowed myself to fall in love... Does that count as something surprising?
OHHHHH, this was fun :D

Jessica said...

1. Portland, Oregon 2. Fred Meyer's 3. Making it through my first backpacking trip last weekend! Of course, there were kids there, too, so it can't have been that hard, but... :)

Phoenix Peacock said...

Fredericksburg, Va.
KingSupers, Sunflower Market
I'm presenting at a conference!

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

1. vesterbro (copenhagen, dk), 2. gan schmuel super, tiv tam, and a no-name veggie outlet from the nearby kibbutz), 3. i'm still standing.

Jenn said...

A duplex in St Louis Park, MN with my sister and a friend.

Supertarget and the St. Paul farmers market.

I taught/am teaching myself to sew!

michelle allen said...

1. encinitas, ca, 2. safeway (would like a whole foods or trader joes but we live in the country), 3. submitted my camera strap tutorial to design sponge. figured it's worth a shot. first time submitting anything anywhere :)

Buffalo Lucy said...
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Inner Toddler said...

1. Beer Sheva, Israel
2. The Milk Pail and TJ's
3. I didn't raise my voice even once.

enjoy your weekend!

rrARTz said...

1. beverly hills, california
2. trader joes, henry's
3. finally working on a blog banner

Nicky Linzey said...

1. Our first place together in a big country house, we rented the servants quarters.
2. Runcton Farm Shop, Co op & Waitrose
3. Ran a mile without stopping when I haven't run anywhere for years.

May said...

1. Seattle 2. Sunfresh, Whole Foods 3. Was calm during an interview!

tink-ink said...

1. Southside of Indianapolis
2. HyVee
3. successfully added TEXTURE to a couple canvases I'm in the process of collage/painting.

Liberty said...

what fun!!
1. an old house in The Annex, Toronto, Canada (I was housesitting a bunch of awesome cats)
2. No Frills, Loblaws, Food Basics, Metro
3. went in dollar store with no mask - and was able to breathe and didn't get a migraine! yay!

Bella Sinclair said...

Oooh, a place for my spillage!

1. Briarcliff Manor, NY
2. Von's
3. I actually finished a commission piece and am not embarrassed by it!

Happy Saturday!
and Sunday.

I Saw You Dancing said...

1. I lived in my very own apartment, my dream space and haven, in Parkville (a small suburb mainly comprising a major hospital and university about 1.5kms from Melbourne's Central Business District)
2. Piedimonte's! An Italian family run supermarket that is part of the Independent Grocer's Association [IGA] chain. It is small, slightly overpriced, somewhat kitsch and fabulous.
3. I was "the bigger person" in the midst of a political stoush at work.

Natasha said...

Hehehe this is way too much fun! Ok, 1. Queens, NY I had just moved back to New York after traveling for a bit and moved in with my boyfriend who would become my crazy half or husband. 2. Key Food, Gristede's and Food Emporium and 3. I convinced my 3 year old to back away from the nailpolish before painting both our hands blue - think Smurfs.

Buffalo Lucy said...

Hey, just noticed your new header! Love it!

Buffalo Lucy said...

Wait... It is new, isn't it? Or am I just losing my mind? That's entirely possible...

gypsy said...

Fun. 1. Pennsylvania, 2. Market Street, 3. had two moms + kids over for swim date without going insane cleaning the house

Curls O Fred said...

1. Small town Kansas in a place no body will have heard of.
2. Food for Thought, Dillons
3. Finishing a commissioned watercolor painting

Francesca said...

1) Rome 2) coop 3) made some plans for the summer a whole month ahead. Hope your plants will stay alive next week too:)!

Francesca said...

1) Rome 2) coop 3) made some plans for the summer a whole month ahead. Hope your plants will stay alive next week too:)!

S.E.Minegar said...

1.Oakland City 2.Trader Joe's 3. Passed my comprehensive exam

Geesh, I'm dull! ha!

Bethan said...

1. A bird nest capsule tree house thing in South India. 2 Crunchy Carrot and Norris Stores 3. I drank too much champagne and only managed to insult two people by accident - instead of ten.

soulbrush said...

1 cape town
2 local sainsbury
3 didn't cry today (been crying a lot lately, feeling blue).

la ninja said...

1. newcastle upon tyne
2. dirk vd broek
3. stand on my head at yoga class (with the help of a little bench thingy-me-bob, but still... bloody miraculous)

Pink Rufflez said...

1. Brooklyn Park, MN
2. Harris Teeter, Winn Dixie, Bi-Lo and Food Lion (now we're in SC!)
3. Lost those few pounds that were
bugging me.

rachel awes said...

first, aimee, i love your banner!
ok, now that i've got that out of my system, on to your three questions (how fun!):
1. mpls, mn., in my first apt. with my hubby!
2. a mix: supertarget, whole foods, dream would be to say farmers market!
3. i went on a great walk today! (i've been terrible lately about exercise. oi vey mama mia!).

lots of love, aimee!

Veja cecilia said...

-I lived in a collective apartment with 6 others here in gothenburg.
-Ica kvantum
-I managed to draw something I didn´t think I could.
Love this idea Aimee.

suzie said...

1.Ste Colombe sur Guette (a tiny little village high up in the French Pyrennes)
2. Super U
3. made a guinea pig hutch

AG Ambroult said...

1. 2 blocks from the beach in San Diego
2. Wholefoods and Stop & Shop
3. can got an EZ-up tent (for shows) set up and broken down by myself

daisy janie said...

1. Elmhurst IL (Chicago) 2. Weis or Giant 3. got faster and stronger than i ever thought possible....esp at 40.

Kirstin said...

These are so fun to read!

1. Boston, MA. 2. VG's Supermarket (they have great produce!) 3. I completed a 6 week daily art journal class without falling behind!

L'Atelier said...

whoohooo! love this!
1. Muizenberg
2. Woolworths, Mellisa's and the farmers market
3. i baked linzertorte yesterday and it was really really good!

L'Atelier said...

whoohooo! love this!
1. Muizenberg
2. Woolworths, Mellisa's and the farmers market
3. i baked linzertorte yesterday and it was really really good!

Aris said...

1. Exeter New Hampshire
2. MArket Basket
3. I am going to get my MFA!

Nina Crittenden said...

1) Plymouth, MN 2) SuperTarget 3) Made a b&w illo without hitting the "Grayscale" button!

Caroline said...

This is fun!

1.Broadway, small village in Somerset, England. Selling that house now in case anyone is interested!!!
2.Hock Choon and Cold Storage supermarkets in Kuala Lumpur.
3.Haven't broken my diet (today!)

jane said...

haha! ok let´s see
1. tolosa, spain
2. carrefour
3. have kept with my gym schedule... for me- that´s pretty amazing:)

Kolleen said...

oooooh fun!!

1. phoenix, az
2. von's, costco....(no fun names here!!)
3. i didn't exceed the speed limit once when i was driving to the outlet mall with my youngest daughter yesterday!!!! ; )

happy day

●• Thereza said...

1 Southampton
2 i hardly ever do shopping, the other half does it all
3 i don't remember... prob the last magic cake i made, with caramel source :P

Don said...

1. Petaluma, CA
2. Trader Joes
3. I made two kids (I had help).

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

1. Mississauga, Ontario. 2. Co-op. 3. Fought through the pain of fibromyalgia so that I can work out.

cindy said...

i hope i can still spill even though it's tuesday -

1. new jersey in my childhood home. i've only lived in three places!
2. where do you grocery shop? scott walks to his favorite store which is 10 blocks round trip and called met. i go sometimes, too.
3. what was the last thing you did that amazed yourself? i manipulated some html code and i do mean manipulated!

Debbie said...

1. Ellet, OH, 2. Lowes Foods, 3.I signed up for Sharon Thomlinson's face class and finished a painting! what a fun post! I enjoyed reading the other responses!

Gracia said...

How fun.

1. In a 2nd storey apartment in Windsor.

2. At Piedmontes for grocery items and the Victoria Market for the fresh stuff.

3. Though not very exciting or uplifting, today I was amazed at how much time I devoted to feeling ho-hum instead of turning it around. So silly when such moods strike.

aimee said...

thanks everyone! this was loads of fun - we'll be doing this again!!

back tomorrow...

Ces said...

Maayo Nga Aga!

Oh I was in (1) New Jersey (2) and shopped at the open market and fish market (3) took up oil painting and painted about 100 oil on canvas paintings.

Laurie Miller said...

This is fun - my answers are 1. a wonderful old house that we rented in Portland, Or.- it turned out to be haunted. Even the tenants after us confirmed that. We left to finally buy a house. 2. It depends on what I am buying - the farmers market in the summer for veggies, Trader Joes, Pastaworks for specialty cheeses and since we have a large family - a monthly trip to Costco 3. We are expanding our vegetable garden to include chickens. I am the proud owner of urban chickens!

Shelly said...

I'm always late on these! But... evidently I like answering, so... 1) Greenville, South Carolina 2) Kroger mostly and 3) you know the answer to this one... SUBMITTING WORKSHOPS for ARTFEST! Oh, and the little bonus of getting picked to teach. LOL :)