Saturday, June 19, 2010

the sound of music


susie's cinema paradiso story got my mind spinning on the power of tunes, so here goes! what is: 1) a song that stirs a memory or fiddles with your emotional chords? 2) your favorite instrument, either to hear or to play? and 3) a concert you'll never forget?

p.s. yes i know this guitar has no bridge or strings. my kids beat the crap out of it.


aimee said...

1) song: there are many of them, but my favorite is a handed down memory. my grandmother listened to greensleeves ad nauseam - so obsessively that my grandfather got so tired of it one day and he threw the record out on the highway in a fit. then he regretted it and went out and bought her 20 copies. 2) instrument: love listening to classical guitar. can't play anything except for maybe maracas. and 3) one summer in the 80s i went on a kick of calling radio stations until i won something, anything, and finally found myself with a pair of tickets to REO Speedwagon and Survivor. I was so young my dad had to take me! (and a week later got the entire family into the Home and Garden show.)

Karen M said...

The concert I will never forget is an elementary school one, when my daughter was first learning to play the tuba. You haven't lived until you've heard a piano/tuba duet played by beginners!

rachel awes said... reading what you wrote, the song that instantly popped for me is from the sound of music from childhood/edelweiss.
2.harp. someone actually plays it sometimes at our sweet church & it transports me!
3.i'm going to name a "concert" that is most present & real in my heart now, which is on dvd & never got to be fully expressed, which is michael jackson's "this is it" has & continues to inspire me soul deeply/to spread love & hit my high note.

cindy said...

your song story is terrific! oh boy, grandpa!

1. moon river by andy williams brings me to tears wherever i am - an elevator, department store. it reminds me of my father who looked like andy and how i would dance on his feet when he got home from work. scott knows when that song comes on to give me a hung.

2. i play the flute and a couple of other instruments, but i would love to learn to play an electric guitar.

3. u2 at madison square garden was pretty great.

enjoy your weekend!

Jane said...

I love the colors and the composition of the photo! I can't play anything but the drum I made years ago. This photo makes me want to dust it off and play it again :)

Francesca said...

I love it that your dad took you to a concert because you'd finally won tickets! One of my favorite instruments and concerts happen when I go to visit a church and there's someone practicing the pipe organ.

freebird said...

Favorite song out of so many? Well my favorite memory song is Sugar in the Morning which my dad used to wake us up with. Then he woke up my kids in the morning with it so it's a double memory. My favorite instrument is either the piccolo or the guitar although I can't play either. The sound of both is wonderful. I haven't been to but a couple of concerts and neither was memorable except for the smell of pot which had me worrying we'd all be arrested - yea, like they'd arrest everyone in the arena but it didn't stop me from worrying.

joanne said...

i am useless at picking out one song (I tried, really I did, and I kept changing my mind)...

i love classical guitar too (oh, and so many other instruments depending on mood... (would you say i'm indecisive? These are not hard questions.)

Then there are the concerts. Every concert is memorable for different reasons, but I'll pick the very first concert I ever went to when I was a very little girl. The Osmonds...(I probably still have the photo book from that somewhere at my parent's house). Donny Osmond was lowered down from a helicopter onto the stage (an outdoor concert), and I thought that was the most amazing thing I had ever seen in my whole life.

Anonymous said...

OOh, this is a great one!

1) Toughest of the 3 questions, but Joni Mitchell's Both Sides Now gets me ina ll its iterations (I love the version she does with orchestra - they used it in the opening of the winter olympics this year)

2) Cello. 'nuff said

3) My husband played the Rouse trombone concerto with the Redlands symphony a year and a half ago. It's an incredibly tough piece, and the conductor truly wasn't up for the task, but it was a wonderful performance because a) My hubby is awesome and plays incredibly well and b) the entire orchestra pulled together to do their best in spite of the mediocre conductor (they all really respect my hubby and are so grateful for all the positive changes he's brought to the university and the orchestra since he took the reins at the school 6 years ago now). Their intense concentration and energy was palpable. It was truly awesome!

May said...

1) Songs that were popular during my first couple years of college really make me weepy. Songs like "Clint Eastwood" and that aren't at all emotional still make me feel that ways because those years were so emotional for me! I was finally getting out from the influence of my abusive, very religious family and trying to deal with the years of abuse PLUS learning all about a culture I was purposefully kept from knowing was an extremely challenging experience. I'm glad I only had to go through it once! Songs from those college days remind me of just how hurt, confused and SCARED I was and how amazingly far I've come since.

2) The cello. I love the way it sounds. It's one of the instruments my mother played when I was growing up.

3) I got to go to a fairly intimate concert given by the KC String Quartet many years ago. The sound was so divine! I always liked classical music best played live and the sound blew me away. Nothing else has ever matched it.

Inner Toddler said...

1. katmandu by Cat Stevens reminds me of traveling in Nepal and getting engaged - in katmandu!
2. I love the lute and all of those light plucky sounds of renaissance music. But my first love is piano.
3.I went to see Peter Gabriel in Denver on a day off from my job as a camp counselor and just as we were buying our $25 tix they ran out. But added an extra row! Right in the front! The guy is mesmerizing even from the back row.

thanks for the link love dolly. and I wish I'd thought of this post title...

cath c said...

song: i hum mozart's a little night music in the shower every morning. it's happy. sometimes beethoven's ode to joy instead.

instrument: i love music live, any kind. love when my honey fiddles around with his gibson wide body.

concert: many, but at the moment, new model army 1st show when they were allowed back in the states after a ban by reagan, 20 years earlier, got to hang out with the band afterward, little club in boston. they play stadiums in europe.

Anairam said...

1) a tango song played by hugo diaz on the mouth organ - the name escapes me now and it is 1.30 am so I am not going to look it up ... I get tears in my eyes whenever I hear it
2) to listen: cello
to play: acordion and piano
3) Well, it is not exactly a music concert, but the show STOMP which I saw in London in 2004 was absolutely amazing. I've been wanting to become a percussionist ever since!

jane said...

let´s see... sister winter by sufjan stevens... bruce springsteen in philly ... and the violin...
happy weekend aimee!

suzie said...

1. a song called Passer Ma Route by Maxim le Forestier really lumps my throat up
2. a very dirty Fender Telecaster or a very jazzy clarinet
3. Radiohead, Nimes Arena, 2008. What else would I say?

queencake and titangirl said...

1) serena by duncan sheik. really don`t know why,but i love it, the whole feel of it, the melancholy
2) classical guitar, clarinet and piano, can`t decide for one
3)herman van veen at the friedrichstadtpalast in berlin. a beautiful, heartwarming concert

Christie said...

Song . . . The other day I heard "Chains of Love" by Erasure while out and about. I used to play that cassette tape over and over in my parents' car . . . brings to mind memories of friends and youth angst and talking on the phone until two in the morning . . . good times!

Instrument . . . piano and classical guitar.

Concert . . . My daughter's primary school recently had its year end concert and it was wonderful. Students played violin, piano and guitar. The choir was lovely. And I know I'll never forget it because I have video!

Leah said...

When I was a child, music was the vehicle that enabled me to express my loneliness and it's still magic medicine for me. For the past decade, answer #1 would be Smetana's, "Moldau/Ma vlast".
#2. Love to play djembe and clarinet; love listening to good clarinet.
#3. About 25 years ago, I was at a Pete Seeger/Arlo Guthrie concert--definitely one of the high points in my life! Several years ago, I was in the audience when Esa Pekka Salonen conducted the Chicago Symphony. I don't remember what they played, but by the end of the concert I was in tears.

Phoenix Peacock said...

1) Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol is the song my husband and I danced to at our wedding reception. I call him everytime I hear it on the radio.

2) to listen to: Piano and Cello. I'd love to learn to play the piano.

3) last week I went to see Dream Theater and Iron Maiden. Awesome performances if youre into heavier music.

Ecobatt said...

1. There are a lot of songs that give me goosebumps for varying reasons, but I'll share one of them that just tears me up since it's something that describes a bit about my family. Mary Chapin Carpenter's "Only a Dream" was a song that I first heard on my mom's new Sony stereo system that felt so raw and powerful, I loved it even then, though it wasn't really a tale of my teen years till a bit later. I left home at 17 and always think of what my sister's felt when I left-it's a song that mixes some of how I imagined they felt and much of my own sadness at missing their lives.
2. After taking a World Music class sophmore year of college, I really learned the intensity and loveliness of the bodhran, an irish drum that is played by vertically with a two sided tipper or beater. It's a strong, military sound that makes me feel heroic and brave even when I'm laying around in pajamas with fuzzy slippers. I do have to say though, that it shares it's place on the top list with the steel drums, since my father played in the Navy Steel Drum Band when he was younger, and met my mom in Puerto Rico by being an elegant musician on the drums.
3. The best concert I ever attended was in 2007 at The Palms Playhouse in Winters, CA to see Dave Alvin. Dave is one of my favorite Americana/Folk/Rock artists and I've seen him on several occasions, but on this trip, I used the concert as an excuse to invite my then-total-crush, now husband, to join me and a few friends. It was our first "un-date" and 21 days later we were married in Ferndale, CA at the gingerbread mansion and will be celebrating our 3rd anniversary in July! I spent the whole night (it was standing room only) sidling up to him as he tried to be a gentleman and not take advantage of an obviously desperate woman :)

Bella Sinclair said...

Heyyyyyyy, I'm lovin those vibrant textiles and the marrrrrrrrrrracas!

Okay. 1) Anything by Aztec Camera, my husband's favorite band. And Brown Eyed Girl always gets me bouncing.

2) Violins, but there has to be a sea of them.

3) The Thompson Twins, but only because it was my first.

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh! Happy Father's Day to Mr. Artsyville!

Gracia said...

For me it's the piano or a violin... every single time for both 1 and 2.

Domestic Scribbles said...

1. Can't think of just one song, just too many.
2. any instrument played well
3. Didn't go to enough concerts in my youth, but will have a hard time forgetting impromptu dance parties with our kids in the red room of our house. Current favorites include "Funky Cowboy," "Jump in the Line," "Lollipop," and "Telephone" remake by the soliders in Afghanistan.

Christine said...

1: Roberta Flack - until it's time for you to go ( I love the part where she says »I was an oak, now I'm a willow, now I can bend«
2: the piano
3: When I was very young, I was a maid at some hotel-appartments, and for a few weeks I tidied the room of a huge German conductor who was in the country to conduct an opera at the National Theater. He invited me to come listen, and my boyfriend (now husband) and I were led in the backdoor, and were walked up to the orchestra pit, where we smiled and nodded to the musicians, and sat beside them through the whole opera. It was - need I say? - awesome! He even nodded at us when he greeted the audience. This I will never EVER forget.

Man - just re-realized how amazing this was. Thank you, sweet Aimee, for bringing it to the surface again...


AG Ambroult said...

1) "You Don't have to be a Star, Baby (remember that 70s song?) I have a clear memory of my mom singing and dancing to that in our kitchen. I was probably 5 yrs old. It's all things happy childhood to me. 2.) piano, without a doubt. we have a long history of piano playing in our family. And now my girls are making strides, too. 3.)Lollapalooza, circa '92. Or maybe that's the concert I'll never remember?

RW said...

Joshua Tree - the album - I was deeply in love when that album came out and subsequently heart broken.

whenever I hear anything on that album I have to take a deep breath.

the cello - hands down. particulary Bach played on the cello.

the mountain goats - just recently playing tunes for their Life of the World to Come album.


Natasha said...

Oh this is a good one...let's see.

1. I could say The entire soundtrack from Grease and get all ramalamala shoo bop on ya because I saw the movie when I was way to young and despite my dark hair and brown eyes I thought I was Sandi or James Bond's greatest hits (yes, it's a real album and I owned it) I'd have to say the song that gets me time and again is "All I Want is You" by U2.

2. I LOVE the sound of the Spanish fact I just had to go listen to the Gipsy Kings and dance around - Voollaaarreee ohoh! I play a mean pot and pan with my daughter...oh and once upon a time I played the spoons (I think I saw them played on Little House on the Prairie once)

3. First concert ever - Duran Duran..oh yeah! The Reflex, Rio, you name it. My MOM took me, my brother and my friend - my Mom danced in the aisles at Madison Square Garden to the reflex, my brother almost fell asleep and my friend and I swooned over Simon LeBon and John Taylor...ahh grammar school days and hair bands...

L'Atelier said...

1) there are many songs that bring on memories- my whole youth is a string of songs basically
dont speak by no doubt makes me feel like flying through the air on my snowboard
portishead remainds me of a trip to florence

2) my favorite intrument is the violin and the guitar. i make sure i wont miss violin concerts round here. Used to play the flute and the guitar.. what seems a life time ago, now i only sing ;)

3) concerts are just too good! i love going to them, no matter what kind. go regularly to the philharmonica concerts in cape town and to the kirstenbosch summer concerts (as much as possible dont care what is playing so its from classical over african, pop, house to punk)
but the concert that stuck in my mind the most was actually not a concert. it was the day before an open air concert which was happening in my uni town. We lived in the old town wall tower- which overlooked the old town center where the concert was held. the day before Offspring was doing their soundcheck and we decided we will try and get through security to watch them close up... which to my surprise i got right by promising the guy a drink with me- as we were sitting (we being my uni band) there offspring decided to give us a little private concert (ok they were 3 songs) and soon the other bands joined it- was the coolest thing ever! we all thought they played better than at the actual concert (at least we wanted to believe it)

Buffalo Lucy said...

1) "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper. In the summer of 08, when Stephanie was pregnant with Alice and we had no idea whether she (Alice) was going to make it or *what* was going to happen when she arrived, we took a weekend and drove to Colorado and attend Cyndi Lauper's True Colors concert at Red Rocks. We put all our worries behind us for a few days and had SO much fun. When she Cyndi playing Time After Time Stephanie and I looked at each other and both started crying. We hugged and bawled through the whole thing. We didn't have to say anything, we just knew that no matter what happened, we'd be there for each other and that was enough. Now whenever I hear that song, I'm instantly brought back to that moment of deep love and gratitude for finding the one person with whom I could ever bear to face such difficult circumstances.
2) Guitar. Electric, acoustic, doesn't matter. I'm just partial to the sound of the strum or the pluck.
3) See #1 above. :)

gm glimmerglass said...

1) Simple Pleasures by Basia, is a very favorite song.
Itt reminds me of my absolute, total and complete contentment holding my brand new baby son and envisioning the good things in life ahead of us.

2)I love the bassoon. It transports me back to arty days in Ashland, OR, just when new age music came out. (Insert Icon of Indian-Gauze-Bedspread-Wrap Around-Skirt.)

3) A date dragged me - a punky art student with a purple flattop - to a John Denver concert in 1980.

For the entire drive to the concert, I was secretly rolling my eyes and thinking of my overdramatic older sister who used to sigh over JD and play "Sunshine on My Shoulders" ad nauseum.

It turned out to be the most amazing musical experience for me - a complete surprise! The purity of his voice, live - caught me completely off guard. (Dumped the guy - but kept John Denver.)

Amanda May said...

1. Song... there are so many and they catch me by surprise! Whenever I hear the Cranberries I am back to 13 years old in my basement darkroom. I thought they were deep.

2. Instrument... I play cello. Or to be more precise, I used to play cello and now I have one that I occasionally take out and scratch on. It's such a beautiful instrument in the proper hands.

3. My first big concert was the Wallflowers, out in a field in WI. A friend and I saw them again earlier this year and hung out by the stage door to meet Jakob Dylan. We told him we had been fans since our very first concert and he was nice about it, but didn't seem too impressed.

S.E.Minegar said...

1. James Taylor's "You've got a friend" always makes me schmaltzy.

2. classical guitar

3. I remember going to a Ben Folds concerts with my friends and future hubby/boyfriend, and Ben Folds dedicated a song to another A. and S. The song was "the luckiest" and we were super stoked b/c we always listened to it together. That evening confirmed it would be one of "our" songs. :)

Anonymous said...

1. Any Christmas hymns, reminds me of Midnight mass on Christmas Eve, half asleep, groggy from incense and excited to get home to bed so Santa could 'visit' our house. 2. instrument-I used to play the French Horn, its been years...but I adored it! Also LOVE hearing people play lap steel...oh so wonderful! 3. in college we had nose bleed seats at a Garth Brooks concert and the promoter escorted my friend and I to the 2nd row, where they always give out those seats to people with crappy seats...the folks who paid $$$$ were seated BEHIND us and were not happy. We, however had a blast!!!

Lori said...

I love that the guitar has no strings. And I loved that post by inner toddler. AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE my prints and magnets from you. sigh. Love them. Thanks for the extra goodies. You are lovely.

Nicky Linzey said...

1. strength, courage & wisdom by india arie - gives me all of these things when i listen to it
2. I'd love to play the blues on the piano (i can only play london's burning on the recorder)
3. has to be a zero 7 concert with sia singing, i think she is amazing

Beth Niquette said...

Lovely lovely! I have a guitar like that, too. lol

meg duerksen said...

my kids play piano non stop every single day. :)

lori vliegen said...

1. song(s): when i was a kid, we used to listen to the chipmunks Christmas album all summer long....drove my mom absolutely insane (but then again, isn't driving moms crazy normally what kids do during summer vacation?)
2. instrument: i grew up listening to my dad play "froggy went a courtin'" on his acoustic guitar....
my tastes have since moved on to classical guitar...
3. would you believe that when i was in 9th grade i went to see elton john in concert?! the tickets cost $9.00.....i babysat for days saving up the money!
great memories....thanks, aimee!!

aimee said...

love these answers - such great stories behind them and now i have lots of new music to check out! thanks everyone!

stephanie levy said...

Hey Aimee -I made my own little attempt at doodling an inspiration today - not nearly as beautiful as yours, but a quick try between breakfast and taking the kids to the playgroung - he he!

I LOVE your summertime studio porch, looks sooo inviting :)

happy weekend!

bears8us4t said...

Ever since I first saw The Sound of Music in 1965, I have adored The Lonely Goatherd. I think I have played this song more than any other!

BT said...

Oh this is just too hard. I'm really an opera and classical fan but have to admit that Barry Manilow's 'Even Now' still turns me to jelly as it was once 'our song' (first husband).

I played the violin and sang and my father was a professional percussionist but I love the oboe - it has such a melancholic sound.

I haven't been to many 'pop' type concerts, mainly classical. I once went to a concert simply called 'John Williams and friends' and it was just brilliant. He had a real mix of artists playing all sorts of instruments. They wore weird clothes which I still remember. One of the players made a recorder sound just amazing. It was truly a memorable night out.

hanna-happenings said...

1. Two different songs:

2. I used to play the trumpet when I was a kid, I miss it.

3. I was at this concert:

4. and(I just made 4 up)here is a song for You Aimee! :

Anonymous said...

A bit odd and sad, a guitar unable to make music, though the image is colorful and happy...
1. Oh so many songs, if I have to choose only one it'll have to be a Hebrew song from my childhood time. It's called "Little Maya of Mine" always made me instantly cry with the hearing of the first word, (BTW, Maya is the name of my daughter).
2. Flute, no doubt about it...especially with the sounds of middle eastern deserts...but also from many other different countries, like Peru, or Guatemala..I guess any Indeginous fluiting moves me.
3. Genesis, (with Phill Collins), in Europe, UNBELIEVBABLE.
Great questions, just answering them took me places..