Monday, August 2, 2010

turning over a new looseleaf

it goes wholly against my personal grain to make resolutions over the new year. that's the time i want to hibernate, read, be creative, gaze into my coffee and see imaginary things. losing five pounds or revolutionizing my way of being is nowhere on my radar in the middle of winter. but what about making resolutions right now, at the beginning of a fresh school year? now that seems novel and attractive! so why not. here goes:

1) paint a room turquoise
2) start taking on custom work (gulp)
3 a) open this planner, b) use it, and c) not toss it in a drawer after three weeks
4) create a series of black and white drawings (like the journal shirt) and make a doodlewall out of it
5) open the drawer under the stove that's been stuck for two years
6) quit buying into the drama when my offspring fight
7) wake up and get completely ready for the day before they do (a biggie, as i'm no early bird, but it makes a huge difference when we aren't all running around getting ready at the same time)
8) re-clutter (i feel the minimalist phase coming to an end)

anyone care to join me with a resolution or two? or more? if you are a traditional new year planner, then call 'em mid-year resolutions if you want, and then you can give yourself a courtesy check come january 1!


Jeannine said...

I always feel moved to resolution-ize with the change of each season and back-to-school is one of those "seasons" even if it isn't officially one. ;)

Off the top of my head, one of my goals is to set up a painting studio downstairs, in our unused dining room, which has great lighting. I'm thinking of doing it piecemeal so my husband won't notice. Hee.

If you need turquoise paint ideas, let me know ... two of the rooms in my house are painted such.

messyfish said...

Yep! I have resolved to "use my stash" I have banned myself from buying anything new in relation to art and craft projects! I want to use it aaaaalllllll up. Then maybe in a zillion years when it's all been transformed into art and craft Only then will I be allowed to buy ONLY what I need for a particular project!?

Anonymous said...

I did #5 once. Two words for you: Petrified mouse. Some things are stuck shut for a reason :-)

Liv @ Choosing Beauty said...

Awesome idea, Aimee! I never do New Year's resolutions, but I am part of an intention circle of women and we each set our intention for the coming month, which really helps me focus.

BTW - where oh where did you get that notebook?? My birthday is 10-11 so I do believe it was made for me!!!!!!

Gretchen said...

I completely understand this feeling because I just bought a new planner as well! I love the thought of it being so full of possibilities for all of the lists and events that will happen. My favorite part about it is it even has a goal list for each month!

I'll make a few.
1) Post on my blog a few times a week (I'm a much better reader than writer when it comes to blogland...)
2) Get our new house in order so we can host a few parties!
3) Figure out a plan for my craft room! I'm completely stuck on what color to paint it and am waiting for inspiration to strike. Maybe I'll just follow your lead and paint it turquoise;)

Holly said...

I like messyfish's idea. It ties in well with mine, which is "make more art."

Who you callin' housewife? said...

Let me go think on this.

The thought of using a planner gives me goose bumps. Let me know how it goes with you.

Oh my gosh. I have one of those oven drawers, too. I had no idea. I'm NOT going to open mine. Ever.

You must definitely paint a room turquoise. Post photos.

I'm going to do laundry -- today's resolution. I've really got to think more than 10 minutes ahead.

Isabel said...

Lol! Not only did I love your post but the responces as well:O) I always write in my planner kinda like a quick entry to remind me what happened that day then hopefully transfer it one day to my journal:O) I make mental goals and one I really need to work on is stop cleaning everyday!! Obsessed!!Have a great day:O)

Nina Crittenden said...

Re-Cluttering sounds great! :)
I plan to make myself a back-to-school schedule so I can stay on track when the kids go back to school (and I have a really sweet friend who was going to do this with me!)

Dawn D. Sokol said...

Hmm...let's see, maybe actually letting the ideas in my head come to fruition! Seems like I have all these ideas, but never get to everything. I don't know how some artists do it. They just seem to be a whirlwind of creativity. Constantly making this, or that, creating this, or that! How is that possible? Do they not SLEEP?

lori vliegen said...

i'm with you, gal.....the "new year, new rules, new you" thing doesn't work for me either. i love your idea of starting in the middle of the year.....if i had made resolutions in january, they would have been long broken by now anyway....

have fun with your list.....i can't wait to see that turquoise room.....and hear the story of what's waiting for you when you get that stove drawer unstuck and opened..... xox, :))

stephanie levy said...

I like your resolutions Aimee - I make ones all the time, only to break them... I am still hoping to clean out my junk drawers and tackle the kids' closet in August - and maybe organize their baby photos and get them all into an album - um, it's only been three years, right :)

Your ideas sound much more fun and creative though!

painted fish studio said...

i have quite a few crafty (lofty?) goals/resolutions right now, but i won't list them here because i'm superstitous and they'll fail immediately if i announce them. but! holy cow do i need to clean the basement. the spiders have taken over. i'd also like to get that new rain barrel hooked up. and i need to paint one wall so i can finally put together that ikea bookshelf that's been laying on the floor for 4 months.

good luck with your list! my fingers are crossed that custom orders go well -- the most important word to know: no. don't be afraid to use it! and can't wait to see the aqua room!

~Valentina~ said...

Perfect resolution time! My big goal for this month is working daily in my affirmation drawings...
and finish my august collection for PinkLight Design before august 31...
and design more fabrics...
and create a new shop for banners, blog and invitations designs...
and don’t drink coffee ;)

●• Thereza said...

want me to ship over my clutter?! i'd be happy to go back to my minimalist life...

Anonymous said...

I hear ya Aimee! Me - I've gotta do more MAKING and less sitting in front of the computer! Except some of my making is sitting in front of the computer making patterns...sigh...

Jill said...

ha! what a great list! and sounds so similar to ones i'd be doing if I ever got around to it... :-)

I've never heard anyone list #8 as a resolution! but I LOVE it!

at the beginning of the summer, we had all these big ideas of projects we were going to accomplish around the house. Nothing's gotten done. and now we're thinking, when the kids get back in school. I did pick out turquoise paint for my art room, and there's one swatch of it painted on one wall. but that's as far as it's gotten!

Shannon said...

just wrote a little list of projects i wish to complete right before coming over here for a visit:
1) start a Kestan book so i can write all of his funny sayings down and keep it going.
2) continue drawing lessons with my mom
3) write personal letters and connect with those friends that are very special to me
4) organize my blog with new categories
5) enjoy an easy fun summer with lots of play

Lori said...

Oh I love that! Number 5 made me laugh - can so relate. Can also relate on the custom front (gulp) and the drama. Oh hell, I can pretty much relate to it all. I think a "resolution/to do" list may be in order for me as well. Thanks for a great post. :)

Lynn Fisher said...

I so admire your resolve. (and I so get the early rising thing...ick)

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear!!! There is something about Septemeber-start-of-School that just feels like the time to embark on new endeavors and take stock of the previous year. As for January??... I'm with you, I am too busy reading novels under the covers to care about resolutions. I do make them though. I try. But September.. that's really the start of the year. New pencils, new books, new shoes. And it doesn't hurt that my birthday is in September.

The Original Drama Mama said...

#7 is a biggie for me too...
Personally, I need to surf less and write more

I need to stress less and laugh more

I need to tackle my messyfish I made a deal with myself not to buy anything new until I have depleted my stash

I always had white walls from apartment to townhome - so when we got into this house I painted EVERYTHING...have fun with the turquoise!

soulbrush said...

love #5 and #6. love how your mind works.forgot to tell you all the teachers loved the fridge magnets i gave as presents before the holidays. xxx

Anonymous said...

I love making to-do lists! I use iCal as a planner, but I make mini lists to run with every day. Right now I want to

-clean out my art closet,
-stay on a modified eating plan while on
vacation(so I don't gain weight as I usually do)
-take a few photos each day, and
-exercise daily.

Kate said...

I always make them at the end of the school year. I am in education and the summer is when I am able to get most of my things done. Here was the list that I had at the beginning of the summer. The ones with the stars mean that they were completed.
* split the girls rooms (They now have their own room)
* Create at least on piece of art per day.
* Master Bath redo

Organize the kitchen cabinets
organize my art supplies
*Take the kids to Six Flags
*Take the kids on a vacation(one week in the mountains)
*Spend the day in the city
*Spend the day at the farm
*Spend the day at Stone Mountain
* Enjoy a few days of doing nothing
*Participate in an Art Show
As you can see I finished a few things but a few larger things didn't get done, but we have had a great summer.
I love your blog by the way, you are a great inspiration.

6512 and growing said...

You are awesome.
My midyear rez. is to take my writing work more seriously and to put up gobs of food for the winter.

cindy said...

you can totally do custom work - no doubt about it and painting a room turquoise sounds great to me.

i'd like to copy the re-clutter resolution and get back to my work-life fulfillment program. i've been derailed by hanging out in our new bathroom (fussing over it really) ;)!

Anonymous said...

I love the feeling I get in the fall of starting over... and the crisp air. As for a resolution, it's filling up my Etsy shop and getting it up and running once and for all. Thanks for making me put it in writing (typing)

Emily said...

Ugh, I totally feel ya' on the planner thing. I have a love/hate relationship with mine. It's small enough to toss in my purse, and that is where it usually is, but when I think about opening it- I don't know- I freeze! What is up with that?!? It's like I don't want to look at my "un-done" to-do lists. Maybe if I make it prettier...?

The Dreaming Bear said...

I love the change of seasons! We enjoy summer for sure, but autumn.....ah...that's heaven. I'm going to finish some unfinished projects around the house: paint a funky rocking chair for the living room, paint our bedroom aqua, finish some landscaping out front. I'm sure there's more, but I also have a resolution to be easier on myself. Ha!

Anonymous said...

I think any day is a good new resolution day...aren't our daily lists just that?
I love your "painting room in turqoise" but my fave is number #6, "not buy into drama when offspring acts out" (which is regularly).
My ongoing resolution is to de-clutter, I never seem to accomplish that. The other is clear my mind, not have too many projects happening all at once...simplify, simplify, simplify.

gm glimmerglass said...

8) re-clutter
(i feel the minimalist phase coming to an end)
FELL OVER laughing at this one!

Let the aquisitioning begin!

I am resolved to:
Rip up dry, ugly tiny patch of lawn that I have been nursing along for years and re-sod it. Where can you get that much happy for $16.00?

Rid my domicile of every soccer, baseball, wrestling and football trophy tucked away in closets and attics. Sheesh! Oldest kid is 33 and they've all had a million warnings to come get them. Yard art? Squirt gun practice? Dumpster inventory?

Teenage Kiddo #4 has been begging for a trip to glass museum up north. I'll take him and make a fun day of it.

S.E.Minegar said...

1. cool it on the sweet tea
2. get back to jogging

cath c said...

i like your re-clutter goal.

so refreshingly honest.

i usually have only one or two spots around the house that have space on the surface that is visible. right now, i don't even have that. i want my mantle deco back to appearing like there's some kind of plan and art to my life! lol

Fruenswerk said...

Always smile when I see that journal shirt :)
GO FOR IT ruuuuuuuule haha
Happy Summer...I´m not that good keeping my promise about blogging more? shit sorry haha

Christine said...

S'rrrr. Also being a summer-resoluter, Ill play. I already painted a room turquoise, so I'll pick

*) Make more non-work art stuff.
... oh yeah, then there's the *) Run 3 times a week-one. Well, I'm working my way up (right now at 1-2 times/week. Gotta reach 3! Gotta!)

seven swirls designs said...

Having worked in an academic library since graduating college, September has always been a "fresh start" month for me too. But... I'm still wallowing in summer and not ready for it to be here yet, so I'm ignoring this post for another couple of weeks! hahaha

Alexandra Hedberg said...

It's so nice to hear that you are starting afresh! I always feel like the new year actually begins after summer vacation.

... now I'm going to catch up on your posts (computer has been more or less banned during vacation)

Jill Berry said...

I am going to send all my clutter to you, since you seem to need it, and then I will have a zen space here with room for profound thoughts like yours.

Katrina said...

i LOVE this list. and i think "re-clutter" is my favorite one.

Kate England | Marmalade Moon said...

"re-clutter" - love the phrase! :D And yes, I feel the same way, autumn always brings that back to school feeling back to me, in a good way. A new year, a new chance, a new beginning... And not so much about promising things!

storybeader said...

great idea!

I resolve to let my art and writing take me to wherever I feel comfortable. Stop being so stuck in one way of doing things. Oh, and to get some of my "To Do" list done! {:-Deb

la ninja said...

hello, you optimist bird :)
not big on resolutions as I'm rubbish at them so, hey, why bothering.

however, number 55 checked off this lass' life list is just fab :)

check them out, man. how cool are they.