Wednesday, September 8, 2010

collage boards


for months i've looked with starry eyes at fruenswerk's and thereza's inspiration boards, remembering the days when i had boards (and in some places, entire walls) of patchworked postcards, art pieces, bits of memories. though not as groovy as theirs, my walls and boards meant a lot to me! when the kids started walking, experimenting, pilfering and eating small things, the boards and the thumb tacks had to come down. my older one was a climber, and my younger one was a mouther, and i didn't want to risk either the pieces or my little people.

now they are old enough to know better, and they can even contribute! so the boards are going back up, one by one. here's the first! the "grit and moxie" print is up for grabs on spring this week - stop by to drop your name in the hat, if you wish! my "don't forget to unplug" on the right is a new-ish piece (old doodle, new words) that i just put in the shop for chronic e-dwellers. the other lovelies on this board are by susie, jen, pixie, allison, heather, lotte, thereza, violette, jess, lori, and my artsygirl. more to come! thank you all for the inspiration!


Anonymous said...

I love my boards, and I just put them up out of reach-though I have no real climbers to speak of. Got me a mouther, though. And now "mouther" is my favorite word of all.

cindy said...

i love inspiration boards and every now and then i totally strip them like a bed and start over. love yours!

painted fish studio said...

when i was a teenager, i had a bulletin board chock full of goods... i didn't think of it as inspiration board but i guess it was. maybe it's time to be a teen again and put up a cork board. it wouldn't be complete without a dog-eared photo of john taylor. he was oh-so-dreamy!

Anonymous said...

Oh its been YEARS since I have had a board like this. You've inspired me once again.

The Original Drama Mama said...

just paid a visit to spring - love the G&M print!

I still have thumb tack eaters in my digs, I try and keep them on the corkboard in my computer armoire which is serving as my office for the moment...but they still get discovered!

The Original Drama Mama said...

I try and keep the thumb tacks in the armoire...not the thumb tack eaters... ;)

Phoenix Peacock said...

I'm just starting a new vision wall on the walls of my new office at internship. its funny to see the kids expressions as they search the wall for something they might like or take meaning from

Christine said...

Lovely inspiration board! (Really love that Unplug-piece) Rings true in my ears these days, I s'pose.
Have a happy day :-)

Inner Toddler said...

I've been away and now catching up on posts and this one just gave me a smile. Hi little bald guy. I need to make me some boards.

Carissa said...

Aimee! There must be inspiration to make inspiration boards in the air! Cosmic symphonies of color + love. I just made a digital one tonight and shared it on my blog! Oh artsy synchronicity how I love thee :)

I just read your fun polka dotted plate post below! I love the stories and connections each photo had! How sweet and CLEVER of her!

Looking forward to wine and Artsyville goodness w/ you!

with love,

la ninja said...

"help, help, get me out of here these people are driving me crazy"

I wonder where she gets that from? ;)

mine went down and should go up again soon (but this whole moving house + being lazy doesn't help. lots of unpacked boxes in the attic. tra la la :)

Shannon said...

SOOOO sooo love this - totally inspiring. I'm in the process of reorganizing my art space... will have to think about adding a collage board, too.

Anonymous said...

That is so lovely! I don't have the space for those boards, but I also suspect that I wouldn't probably take much notice of them, they'd just become part of the overall decor. But I do find other people's boards very inspirational. Go figure!

Lori said...

Your board is so inspiring! *LOVE* I need to make one!

nacherluver said...

Very cool! and inspiring. Once I get my studio straightened, I will definitely start on a project like this!

Beth Niquette said...

What a cool board! This is totally inspiring! lol Your work always makes me smile. I love how you see the world.

I was wondering--I've started a meme--FAT Tuesday. I showcase five artists per week--and I would love to showcase your work one of these times.

It is also a place where artists can share their own work with one another, too.

Would you be interested? I would love to showcase one of your pieces. Let me know!

●• Thereza said...

and doesn't your board look ace?! :)

rachel awes said...

that goes on
your walls
& the hearts
who've painted them
into being
& breathing
& inspiring.
& now i imagine
winged painters
flying over
each of these,
including over
artsyville aimee
of course,
& spreading
magical strength
to keep being
& beautifying!
* ***** ** ***

chrissy said...

you have inspired me
an inspiration board.
thank you.
i love yours.
looking forward to october.

AG Ambroult said...

Awesome. I am so glad you can have your boards again. Which means I could definitely do that again, too. Now, to find a wall that is suitable...

Ps i love your new-ish unplug piece. So many of your doodles speak clearly to me.

Fruenswerk said...

Hahaha..How funny...Love your board girl :)
Mine is down and over because I had to paint my walls...But now I think I have a new big one...Cause all the nice things from sweet snailmails-blogger lying in boxes...Thanks for reminding me and inspiration back win win situation...haha
Happy you got my snailmail at last :)

Nicky Linzey said...

Love inspiration boards and doing them. Your secret garden is on mine!

iHanna said...

Help help these people are driving me crazy? *LOL*

Inspiration boards rock!

Bella Sinclair said...

What an awesome, energy-filled board! And I can SO relate to that white one in the middle. Hahahaha!

Dana Barbieri said...

i totally need to commit to a real board. i have things on foam core board. ages ago at a job we had homosote (available at hardware stores) covered in fabric and attached to the wall and we could pin up tons of inspiration.