Saturday, October 30, 2010

good enough to eat

Good Enough 2 Eat

Any other suckers for felted items out there? I was updating my shop last night when a yummy little turquoise tea cozy caught my eye, sending me into hours of distraction in the listings for more felted gems. Etsy is so naughty in that way. Out of it came this treasury, the closest I'll ever get to felting. I managed to complete the shop update, too, mostly behind the scenes/tedious things like cleaning up and streamlining my item descriptions.

So, what's everyone doing for Halloween? I'm planning to sit on my can, eat candy, expand - and gear up for Art Every Day Month which starts Monday morning, November 1! Anyone is welcome to participate!


painted fish studio said...

i need to figure out a way to black out my windows for the evening (i love natural light so much i haven't bothered to install shades or drapery). i plan on opening a bottle of wine, surround myself with bags of candy, and work on holiday production, and i do not want to be disturbed by those pesky little trick or treaters!

(i do love, love, love halloween... it's just hard to do the t&t part with 2 dogs.)

Kim Hambric said...

Love this treasury. It makes the tips of my fingers tingle. I want to touch all of them!

Liv @ Choosing Beauty said...

Oh those colors are sooooo yummy!!! What a great collection!

As for Halloween, I'll be handing out candy while the hubby takes our hip hop DJ and little hamburger trick-or-treating!

Leaves and Feathers said...

LOVE your felted treasury, I'm off to check the items out up close. So much to do on Halloween here in Brooklyn, we get about 300 trick-or-treaters and then there is a parade. My kids are excited all year for it! xo

chrissy said...

oh girlfriend....
i have ALREADY broke into the candy bags...eaten TONS of sugar and EXPANDED...(that part cracked me up)
i love your treasury. i have tried to felt before and i was a complete failure. tell me...are you going to post everyday as you do ART EVERYDAY NEXT MONTH?
sheez....that is gonna be awesome.
happy boo night tomorrow!

rachel awes said...

good enough to eat,
to be sure!!
as for halloween,
the regular routine
of trick or treating
& energy bouncing off
the walls here
& giving out candy
to only fuel
that bouncing more!
(costumes of love
to you)xox.

la ninja said...

bon appetit... "brlimp" (felty belch)

Beth said...

I love felted stuff. I do my own knitting and felting, and am also a sucker for all those pretty felted things at etsy. Taking my daughter and some others trick or treating at the local college tonight. I always loved being home and seeing all the cute trick or treaters before we had kids. Haven't been home for halloween in years, though, and sadly not very many kids seem to show up at houses these days (at least not here!). Thanks for your encouragement on the "list it" Tuesday. I'd love to participate in art every day, I'll give it a try.

Bella Sinclair said...

Love love LOVE felted crafts! I bought a small felting kit years ago, but it still sits in the box. Somewhere.

Taking the kiddies out tonight. We live in a neighborhood where some neighbors fire up the grill and toast snacks while handing out candy and swigging adult beverages. Fun! Happy Halloween!

aimee said...

ohhh... i am having a massive Halloween hangover today!

Jane said...

I'm a sucker for felted objects too but I've not done it yet. Great treasury! We had a nice mellow night last night with only a handful of little ghouls and goblins :)

Paper Squid said...

It's so funny you mention felt, I too am a total sucker for it. I wrote this whole blog post a while ago on how I kept seeing items I loooved and wanted for my home and the one pattern I noticed was that they were all made of felt. I just discovered what a cool and wonderful material it is.

Megan Walker said...

Dang it! How did I not post here??? Wait - cuz I posted on Etsy and on Facebook... aargh!!! I hate being late to the party :/ Well I'll say it again, I *LOVED* this treasury!

Halloween: I sat on my can too. And watched Prince of Persia and ate Milano's with the fam. I felt slightly guilty not participating in Halloween. For the 1st time in 22 years. Only slightly.

AG Ambroult said...

it's the closest I will ever got to felting, too. I have tried it twice and, I SWEAR, it doesn't work. They are all in cahoots.

Lori said...

I am such a sucker for felted items. I love love felted little balls! The colors! the textures! What a fab treasury. I favorited several shops.

BT said...

I was in Suffolk, UK for halloween and my grandson Jack carved a pumpkin and we put it outside. We only had one family of trick or treaters so we ate the goodies!!