Friday, November 26, 2010

art every day #25/#26: doodle friday

a few new doodles to share!


look inside that noggin i made to prop myself up when i'm feeling ill-equipped to deal with the world, solve a problem or push myself in a new direction. a reminder that i don't constantly have to look outside of me for all the answers. (i'm a super chronic offender of that.)


wishing star is one that i finished last month, but haven't shown here yet. just a happy and hopeful little doodle to give my inner cynic a restroom break. no one is ever too old to wish upon a star (especially when nothing else is working)...


last thing is a new version of a piece i did long ago. it requested a comeback, because there are so very many things i don't want to do- and if i can't get out of doing something, i should at least get to complain about it.

and YAY! i'm having a doodlesale in the shop from black friday to cyber monday - 15% off your entire order. just enter the coupon code BFCM2010 upon checkout. happy weekend to everyone!

p.s. did anyone go to target at 4 a.m.? i didn't...


painted fish studio said...

i did not go to target @ 4 am. it's almost 2pm and i haven't left the couch for anything but food. and i'm loving every minute of it.

gm glimmerglass said...

Nope! No Black Friday nutso shoppin' for me, thanks!

Still way too much pie in the house to leave.

Love your Noggin' Doodle.

Great reminder!!!!

Liberty said...

Very nice doodles!!!
I love love love the wishing star doodle! I love the words and the colours work so perfectly together for me. I'm glad you posted it!

Chopsticks and Spaghetti said...

Fun art, as usual. I'm planning on stopping by your booth tomorrow. It looks like the weather is going to cooperate. Anything I can do to help with your virgin show?

iHanna said...

the wishing star words and writing is my favorite - so hearbeakingly sweet! thanks!

Dawn D. Sokol said...

Love ALL your doodles, Aimee!!!

And no Black Friday for me. I haven't left the house today. Too happy here!!!

Phoenix Peacock said...

love the doodles! particularly the wishing star one!

Kelly said...

I love your colorful doodles! Very fun!

Bella Sinclair said...

WOOOHOOO! I love these! Reminds me, I need to get some acupuncture. And dangit, I grabbed a wishing star only to find your name scrawled all over it.

Good luck this weekend! Have fun with the booth!

Mezzamay said...

Love your work, very uplifting!
Reminds me that being artistic isn't all about being moody, lol

rachel awes said...

i am smitten
with that
wishing star.
i think i'll
try it
(for sure!).

JessiVille said...

Love the doodles and the wishing star is my favorite! The colors really speak to me as well as the your words!

S.E.Minegar said...

great doodles. no black friday for me. tried some black saturday shopping with the hubs, but i stayed in the car. eek!