Monday, May 16, 2011

you deserve a rip-roaring fiesta


peeps i'm celebrating today for reasons big and small:

* danielle and her family for their astonishing story of perseverance;
* leah for her newest addition, annabelle;
* jan for her newest addition, tilly;
* jane for her awesome picture of the pink-shirted cheese gazer;
* jennifer for her writing on mothering which always fills my cup;
* susie for wrestling with a mountain bike on the top of her car while nearly nine months pregnant;
* hanna for making the coolest hand-embroidered ball;
* dawn for the pre-release of her new book doodle sketchbook for boys;
* jill for the pre-release of her book personal geographies (and whee! i'm in this one);
* me for getting off my lazy ass and finally re-opening my shop;
* and to all of you for being who you are and what you do.

now leaving to do a bit of journaling with traci bunkers! have a great day!


Inner Toddler said...

I think I started probably four sentences this past week like this "I have this awesome friend aimee who..." and then fill in the whatever great thing/idea/trait that's all yours. 100% true.

Lisa G. - Happy Mama said...

Good stuff here!

I'll join you in a fiesta :)I'm making tacos and margaritas tonight!

rachel awes said...

your fiesta art
is gorgeous,
& your celebration
of your peeps
is also sublime.
lovelove u.

Kelly Warren said...

wow! lots of great things to see! congrats on being included in another book. you rock! and i'm in the same needing to "get off my ass" mode as you are. but i'm too overtired from mermaids and mamas to get off my ass. the rain put a damper on the outdoor projects, but we still had a great time!

Bella Sinclair said...

WOOOHOOO! Yessssss, you are all marvelous women to be celebrated. Pass the salsa!

Chel said...

so cool!!

Andria said...

Fun "good news" links! I love the people figures in the bottom half of your drawing!

bichonpawz said...

You are such a talented artist! Love your rip roaring fiesta!! Great Stuff!!

Cindy said...

right back 'atcha and thank you for the etsy love, love! lots of good stuff in that list. ole!

Dawn D. Sokol said...

I am extremely honored to be part of your fiesta! Thank you! said...

Love all the links!
Perfect illustration for such a motivating post :]

Sharon said...

Woo Hoo! What a great party this is!! Always wondered if you and Traci ever got together. So glad to know you do. I would love to run into you two when I fly into KC this summer heading to the Lake of the Ozarks to visit my son and family. Love the Fiesta Folk!

jane said...

fun! thanks for this! :)

AG Ambroult said...

it's all good! Another book?! you go.

Kat W said...

Lovely celebratory post! And I love your fiesta art :-)

Kat X