Saturday, June 4, 2011

to market we have gone















it was a smothering, steamy morning in middle america (i think i heard the air hiss on several occasions) but that did not stop me from the weekly walk to the farmers market. we used the parental divide and conquer technique this time, so i had only the eight year old mix and match girl with me while the four year old birdie girl stayed home with daddy. and let me say that it made the world of difference in the experience. i had the time and presence of mind to observe. i could actually see what people were selling. it was quiet, we took our time, walked, talked, and took pictures. (eight year old took about half of these, including the fresh lavender and the big ass red bass.) no raised voices, no fretting, no begging, no fighting, no explosive sister drama. and next week i've promised to take the four year old while the other one stays home. adventures with the entire fam are of course important and we have plenty of them, but we don't always have to move as a unit. i think it's equally healthy to spend time alone with each kid instead of always trying to cater to two radically different demographic groups on the same tour.


cath c said...

sounds wonderful and the lavender photo is a favorite!

it is important to spend individual time with each kid/parent, something that is tough to juggle here, easy with the youngest while the other two are in school, but tougher to make one on one time with the boys. i know they really appreciate it when i do something special 'just us'.

Janet Ghio said...

We went to our farmer's market (also in middle America-Missouri_ this morning--wow was it ever hot and steamy!! Love your photos!

Candied Fabrics said...

I couldn't agree more - time with just one can create wonderful memories. We're doing this to the extreme this summer - time and money being hard to come by, Andrew takes the older boy home to IN for a week, and then I take the younger one to MA for a visit with my family. I'm thinking that both of us pairs will have some neat stories to share!

Sarah said...

Sounds like a wise technique! My friends who I have just stayed with do much the same I noticed. In fact I helped by sitting in the back of the car to separate the kids!
Farmers markets are such great places.

Christine E-E said...

i totally agree! although my daughter's are in their 30's & live in different areas of the country... i appreciate connecting with them individually, and at least once a year, i love our three-some time too!
good for you to recognize each needs 1-1 time with you!!

Liv @ Choosing Beauty said...

Oh! I gobbled up these photos - feel like I'm there and wish I was!

We had dinner out w/ just one kid while the other was at a bday party and it was heavenly. Amazing what a little separation can do once in a while! :)

donna!ee said...

i remember as a kid i really enjoyed time out with a parent WITHOUT the siblings...just me & dad! thank you for sharing and reminding me of wonderful times!! :)

Andria said...

Ahhh, it's wonderful to hear about other families that sound much like my own! I think we will explore the "divide and conquer" technique plenty of times as the girls grow up. As passionately as they play together is how passionately they bicker and argue--and at only 2 and 3 years of age! Beautiful market glad you got a chance to really look around!

rachel awes said...

oh aimee, shall we meet
for some big ass red bass playing
& biscotti/treats?!
i'll peddle in on my green bike,
named may, & be ready to fill
her basket w/flowers!
love & miss you!

jane said...

the lavender shot is my favorite!!
i agree. a little one on one from time to time is truly special. :)
p.s. i always leave here smiling...

nacherluver said...

Looks like you had a lovely day at the market. I was at our local market as well. Markets are one of my all time favorite places to go.

pluckychickenheart said...

Alone time with each kid is hugely important. Of course, 20 years from now they will still think their siblings got more attention. I tell my offspring that at each birthday I place a dollar in a jar towards their therapy bill when they are 25.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

we do the same divide and conquer thing regularly, esp when we have to accomplish a lot in a short time. E.g. today I took one twin and we did 4 errands in an hour :)

Amy said...

Nice! I can't wait till mine opens up

Bella Sinclair said...

Aww, please take me with you next time! I promise not to have another tantrum. I promise! My goodness, artsygirl is a little photo phenom! The lavender photo was one of my favorites in the bunch. And please tell me you know what the raspberry jalapeno jam tastes like!

bichonpawz said...

We are hoping ours will be opening next Tuesday. Great set of pictures!!! I really miss the fresh vegetables!!

Nicky Linzey said...

mmm the idea of raspberry jalapeno jam appeals to me. Love these photos that tell just what kind of day you had.

Kathryn A said...

Great snaps, and you captured the 2 words that strike fear in my heart every spring. (No, not Spuria Iris.) Free Kittens. I assume you stayed strong and passed.

L'Atelier said...

wonderful photos - your daughter comes after talented mom!
i love farmers market, sounds like you had a fab time (wish i could take a bite into those toffee apples!)
let us know how birdie girls trip was!