Monday, July 4, 2011

life through a different filter

like many shutter-happy people, i've fallen into instagramming this summer. i love the colors, the filters, the tinge of age that makes the event look like a thing long past, and mostly, the instant gratification. (how did i survive before immediate photographic feedback?)

(cherry kolaches last weekend)

(my kids jumped in this pond)

(a pinwheel on someone's mailbox)

the flatirons
(colorado flatirons)

peep of stew book
(working on a doodly little recipe booklet)

(da bus)

(another peep of "the stew book")

(the gaslight tavern at the end of my running route)

(early burst of sunflowers along the kansas river)

little miss
(the newly minted five year old)

(happy 4th!)


Andria said...

Great photo effects...and a beautiful daughter! Happy 4th of July!

Traci Bunkers said...

This might sound stupid, but I don't get how to use instagram. I want to use it to take pictures, but not to post on their site. You'll have to advise me when we see each other. Also, LOVE LOVE LOVE that bus. Anywhere around here?

Renee and Damian said...

love love love them all! i, too, am an instrgram lover! yeah, total addict! lol. i need to find you on there! :)

aimee said...

i have to confess -- i'm kind of cheating at instagram for the moment. my brain can't handle any more social networking sites so i've made all my photos on the site private. but i will post them here!

rachel awes said...

these peeks
have brought
t e a r s
to my eyes!
how do you
do(odle) this
to me?!!
looooooove you!

Elina Ellis said...

lovely photographs! And what a gorgeous girl you have!!!!

la ninja said...

I've loved "telephotony" for a while now (no instagram, just plain old telephotony, though.)

great, innit?


Rabbit Hole Report said...

Adorei! Muita saudade. Feliz Dia de Independencia!

jane said...

fun! happy 4th to you too!

cath c said...

very fun!

Kim Hambric said...

Cool photos. I don't know what instagram is, and I think I don't want to know. Is it a time sink???

I'm intrigued by that Gaslight place. I'd like to go and have a little drink, but I'm concerned about the crime scene tape.

stephanie levy said...

happy belated 4th to you too - and yes, thank you for your artwork and for gracing my blog yesterday :)

guess what one of my birthday wishes is - an iphone so I can start instagraming too :)

I LOVE your doodle recipe book - yum! When are we going to get more than just peeks :)

A toast to you and birthday greetings to your beautiful girly :)


Marcia (123 blog) said...

Mmmm, can't wait to see more of that recipe book :)

And your daughter is SO GORGEOUS - how do you get anything done? I'd just stare at her :)

Phoenix Peacock said...

so much fun. and you've been a little bit of everywhere!

Cindy said...

i love your instagrams!