Friday, October 7, 2011

art in the crossroads






















This morning I had a journal jam session with my free spirit art buddy Shannon and her two creative boys (who have to be the most well-behaved kids I've ever met). It had been a long time! Sometimes it takes things like moving away to set real dates and make them happen. We met at Mildred's, an adorable little coffeehouse in the Crossroads Arts District in Kansas City (about 40 miles east of Lawrence). I LOVE being around Shannon. She always leaves me inspired and pumped up to pursue some new creative thought that I've never entertained before. Afterwards I indulged in some photofun & I had forgotten how much visual food there is in the older parts of Kansas City. My pulse picked up as I realized that there are phototours around these parts still to be had... So though this was intended to be our goodbye coffee date, I realized that it probably wasn't. My business in Kansas City is not yet finished :)


We Three 3 said...

Wow Aimee, you've got some really nice shots here! I love the Love sign:) Happy Friday!

Candied Fabrics said...

I have some ugly ass panties - who knew my solution was in Kansas?

aimee said...

You'll have to go to the Missouri side for that, but it's well worth the extra travel time!

Chel said...

So. Freaking. Cool.

I want to know more about that puppet company and the weird bunny panties thing. (I'm sorry for this comment because you might get some weird hits from "bunny panties"...)

Briana, MA said...

Awesome, awesome photos! Thanks so much for sharing.

Phoenix Peacock said...

these are all fantastic! I love the bunny sign. too funny. and I think I'll have to make that take love sign and leave it for the Colorado peeps to find!

Shannon said...

I'm going to miss having you SO close. Today really made me wish we had taken advantage of our proximity more often!! SO much fun seeing you. xo

Yvonne said...

LOVE the LOVE sign and the puppet show :) So you mean all that crazy eye candy isn't limited to Lawrence?! How awesome!! I'm thinking I should look around me more - maybe I'm missing something around here, too!
Your jam session sounds so cool - the internet is great, but actually meeting up is so much better :)

L'Atelier said...

I am looking forward to more your kansas city business!
love the way you look at the world!

rachel awes said...

thanks for the love tabs!
all i need... XOX

Segovia said...

I had no idea KC had an artsyville-type neighborhood. Neat.

Carrie said...

oh goodness that is my idea of HEAVEN - LOVE this post!!

Andria said...

What a fun post! You sure do manage to find some fabulously interesting spots to photograph. You had me smiling!

Anairam said...

Haha - that Shitty Deal Puppet Company sounds exactly like my kind of thing.
So you are moving!! Big news, which I obviously missed through not being virtually so present anymore in the World of Blog. But it sounds so cool to be near NYC - I would LOVE to go one day. It is the city I most want to visit. Not being an intrepid traveller I will most probably not land up there, but I will continue to experience it through old Woody Allen movies and well, blogs. So what is the Jersey Shore thing? I will have to google it...

Koosje Koene said...

What a great post!
I think the love tabs should be on every street corner :)

Fun to see you took out the crayons for the jam session, so did I!

Marcie said...

You're so amazing with how you see the world around you..and put it all together. Looks like Kansas will forever have your name on it!

Bella Sinclair said...

Thrills up and down my spine! The thought of you and Shannon creating together in the same artspace. Wheeeee!

Aah, I love your photo tours. Ugly ass panties - HA! And it's too bad you have to Believe in the invisible E.

I can't wait to see more!

gypsy said...

Aimee, The shots from your art-trip are excellent - the graffiti, the grunge, the quirkiness, the cool.

Kat W said...

Just popped over from Shannon's blog where I was reading about your journal date. Sounded great fun. Wish I could've joined you both. Its about time they did away with planes and started using Star Trek style beam-me-up type machines. That way I could meet up for a cuppa with my bloggy mates & other friends across the seas :-)

Like your photos - they provided a fun creative tour of Kansas city. Thanks for sharing.

Hope you're moving plans are going okay. I've moved many times and across a fair amount of mileage so I can understand that its probably a busy old time. Good luck with it all.

Kat :-) X

freebird said...

I love those doors! Ugly ass panties? But they are so comfy. Glad you got out for a last, or not so last, round of arting in town before you leave.

Christine said...

sounds like a sweet day :-) Love the recycle pictures

May said...

OMG! You took a picture of my chalk drawing :) I feel special!