Tuesday, October 18, 2011

disco pants wallpaper + an unfiltered waterfall of thoughts


Found the mother of all retro wallpaper on the house search this weekend. (60s maybe?) Impeccably preserved and pretty awesome.

I am a sucker for trial sizes.

When I check into a hotel, they give me two keys. I immediately lose one and within 30 minutes I lose the other.

There is a jar of buttons rolling around in the trunk of my car.

I love the scent of rain hitting dry pavement.

Why can't I pump my own gas in New Jersey?

I was supposed to meet Jen and Cindy in Manhattan on Sunday, but it didn’t happen. House stuff.

Not worrying about things I can't control at the moment. Not doing it as a consciously chosen mindset (I don't do those) but simply out of necessity. Quite a freeing way to live actually.

NYC gave me a sunny, stunning, sparkling view on takeoff yesterday. Kansas City gave me the reverse upon landing.

Starting on a new book contribution -- all about lettering! Based on current schedule I'll probably be doing this around 2 or 3 in the morning.

Just stocked up on thick, yummy tights for fall: black, grey, maroon, mustard, brown.

This morning I saw someone who looked like Snape pushing a jogging stroller down 7th Street.

The mums outside our house are dead. After it sold I lost interest in maintaining curb appeal.

Someone blew through the toll gate on I-70 yesterday (it wasn’t me). The wretched thing lay on the ground, all a-splinter.

If you saw a stuffed animal fly out of a car this morning in the school dropoff lane, that was me. 5 year old left it in the backseat. No time to get out & return it, so I chucked it out the window, she caught it from the sidewalk, and all was good.

Missing Lawrence already. But excited to start the new life too.

This morning my (normally cantankerous in the morning) artsy girl came downstairs at 6:45 a.m. fully dressed and yawned, “I woke up early so I could doodle before school.” Be still my artsy heart.


Marcia (123 blog) said...

oh i love your little girl's heart - making time for her passions :)

and I laughed at the thought of you flinging the stuffed animal out the window

Kirstin said...

I love that she got up early to doodle. I wish I had that kind of discipline!

And that wall paper is amazing!!!

We Three 3 said...

that wall paper remind me of a similar paper a childhood friend had in their rec room. Too funny! I love the washing machine matches it so well :)

Kelly Warren said...

you can't pump your own gas in new jersey? huh. and i must admit i have no clue who Snape is. but i do love your random thoughts.

mo said...

hope you can hang on to your sanity thru all this upheaval!

love snape.

the lettering contribution to a book sound intriguing. hope we'll get a sneak peek sometime ;)

la ninja said...

be still your artsy heart.

Anne-Marie said...

Love that wallpaper! I recently bought a 1960s Olivetti typewriter and I adore its retro-ness and the fact it's in pristine condition.

Good work on the tights. They sound both sensible and pretty - a winning combination in my book.

And ... I totally understand where your artsy girl is coming from. I get up early to paint and doodle, too.

cath c said...

this would make a good 'random thoughts' type doodle.

everytime we cross into nj from delaware, my spouse says the same thing! i happen to appreciate not having to get out and pump, esp when it's really cold or hot. reminds me of my childhood when courtesy like 'the pump guy' was commonplace.

Christine E-E said...

when do you actually leave Lawrence? will a moving truck take all your stuff? I hope you will let us know so we won't worry about you when artsyville is resting!

Claudine Intner said...

Oh, no! Snape has a kid?

Chel said...

Is it terrible that my heart went out to the mums? ;)

I miss tights. Not that I have any desire to wear them anymore (I've lived in Florida for so long now that the idea of just putting tights anywhere near my body makes me feel VERY squirmy!) but I really miss searching for GOOD ones and then rocking all the colors and patterns. Striped and paisley tights? Awesome. Striped and paisley shorts? Not so awesome.

I'm curious as to what the appliance was under the wallpaper- is the house retro??

Sharon said...

Oh Mom!! What a lovely gift early in the morning! She needs a hug for sure and maybe a cookie too! Same kinda thing used to happen to me when my son was young, (36 now) but he would want to sit and read before school! I almost fainted the first time he told me, I want to read before I leave!!

Carmen said...

You are a rock star Aimee. Love this update... and the amazeballs wallpaper!

kristen said...

your post is as cool as that wallpaper, as is your artsy girl!!

rachel awes said...

your wallpaper & words
are all disco ***
lit, groovy, & a good time.
love it all, aimee

KJ said...

That wallpaper is too adorable, as is waking up early to doodle before school!

KJ said...

That wallpaper is too adorable, as is waking up early to doodle before school!

L'Atelier said...

oh it sounds all hectic and exciting!never a dull moment!!
but you also sound really well -which is wonderful!
hope your new life is going to be full of colourful artsyness!

Bella Sinclair said...

I love soaking up your waterfall. Pelt me, baby, pelt me! Don't worry. I'm still clothed.

freebird said...

Doodling early is a good thing! So why can't you pump your own gas in New Jersey?

Anairam said...

I like your unfiltered list of thoughts. Msot of my thoughts are like that. Kind of unconnected. Which makes it difficult to finish writing this %^&* maths book. But soon, oh soon, I will be done, and then life is going to be one long doodlefest!!

Mickey said...

We have to pay for our gas inside at
the cash register before we pump!!!
There were too many drive-aways. You
can use ATM or credit card at the pump, makes it a lot easier. My husband would write a $20 check and then the amount of gas would not add up to that, and he wouldn't go in for the change.duh....
Guess I might mention I am in Iowa...

Andria said...

Wow, that retro wallpaper goes great with that retro appliance! I couldn't get used to the idea of having my gas pumped for me in NJ (I'm over the border in Philly), but, trust me, you'll appreciate it come wintertime! I've been making Christmas tags for my craft show, and my own artsy girl settled in next to me to make her own Christmas tags...I understand your artsy heart!

Sadee Schilling said...

HA! Snape pushing a jogging stroller! Will be laughing out loud at that one for the rest of the day!

Anonymous said...

I used to have a Maytag washer exactly like that! Left the set in a house we sold quite a few years ago. They don't make em like that anymore!