Sunday, November 20, 2011

AEDM 2011 #20: Sunday in the City












No - o - o - o! I did not skip a day. I did a real, honest project for AEDM #19 with a travel magazine last night. But after starting its companion piece, I ran out of glue (horrors!) and was too lazy to get more, so to the side it all goes until I can finish tomorrow.

Today's creative venture involved more exploring. I have a strong thirst for it these days. I caught an early train into the city (it's an easy ride which means I'll be doing it as much as humanly possible), took a quick stroll through Chelsea and then huffed and puffed over to MoMA, where I finally met Cindy and spent the morning at the Diego Rivera exhibit. All of his works are stunning, but I especially liked the tiny watercolors of city life that he painted with a limited palette of three colors on humble graph paper, and we were both blown away by his mural Frozen Assets. We caught up on each others' lives as we wandered through the galleries & wrapped up the morning with coffee and pastries at the cafe. She was just as I had imagined her: warm, genuine, intelligent, funny - and a camera hermit, just like me. I'm surprised we even managed to get pictures of our skirts and feet!


painted fish studio said...

i am so sad that i am so far away from new york city. i am so jealous of your ability to hop a train and be there within minutes! and to spend time with cindy at MoMA. sigh.

the painter's table? that's artist mark nilsson, and he painted my portrait when i was there in october. i highly recommend a sitting with him!

inkstitch said...

Such gorgeous stuff, Aimee. I love when you take us on a walk with you, and I am envious of your close proximity to NYC. Lovely photos!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Really? A camera hermit? I would never have said :)

Love the picture of your skirts and shoes!

And I LOVED your comment about bridesmaids. Made me LOL for real!

jane said...

yes! you get on that train as much as possible. i love seeing the city trough your eyes!
p.s. i want to hang out with you two. (she writes whining... :))

Cindy said...

i feel very lucky to have met you in person and look forward to all of your nyc-inspired doodles & snaps. you're genuine, interesting and so well traveled, which is good for me because i'm a reluctant traveler (i blame living in nyc :)). hearing the story behind your love connection with mr. artsyville was a special treat and i look forward to the second part of the story.

as dr. seuss said 'oh, the places you'll go!' and we get to join the ride. welcome to our corner of the world, aimee! xo, c

ps your photo of the artist's table is the best and i love those stairs!

Jennibellie said...

What great photos, thanks so much for sharing, agree with painted fish v.jealous x

cath c said...


and cindy's blog, too.

Andria said...

You are going to have such a thorough knowledge of that fantastic to just take it at your own pace and really SEE it a little bit at a time. Thanks for taking us with you!

We Three 3 said...

the pictures are terrific! I am going in on Thanksgiving for the parade and looking forward to all the amazing things I'll be seeing! Thanks for the preview:))

Bella Sinclair said...

Gotta love women who take NYC by storm with beautiful shirts and stockings! Wowie, I am so envious of both of you! Looks like it was a day to remember. Fantastic sites!

S.E.Minegar said...

love that you had perfect weather yesterday too! so was the tree in yet? i love being dwarfed by that much greenery!

does MOMA still have Target Fridays (free Friday nights)?

Nicky Linzey said...

Love the massive fairy lights and your glimpses of the city. There was a Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo exhibition here in the summer. It was amazing!

Kristen (Creative Stash) said...

love nyc! i grew up on long island and went to college in nyc. i miss it so much and am really enjoying your days of exploring! art can be found everywhere in that city - it's fantastic. enjoy!

Kym said...

Wow, if I didn't have visiting NYC on my list of things to do before, I do now. I've been a couple of times but I must go back! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos!

Gracia said...

From field trip to New York, playing catchup and delighted to see a little of the wonderful things you've been up to of late. MoMA for me... one day.

Hope all continues swell in your pocket of the world,
g xo