Friday, December 16, 2011

we almost settled here

















Montclair, New Jersey! It's a wonderful, diverse, colorful, cultural little burby burg about 15 miles west of New York City. Our hearts were wholly intent on anchoring here, and we searched at length for just the right place, but timing and logistics did not work out in our favor. S'OK, though, because I'm still close enough to make frequent escapes. And so I do. Last week I had my brows done in a salon that was formerly a church. (I'm guessing I was in an old confessional, as I found myself telling the waxer all sorts of things that I would never spill.) This week I went back just to go back. Next week I'll go there to do something else.

Thanks so much to all of you who made my sale a success and my birthday a happy one, and thanks also to the local artists who have welcomed me with open arms (especially sweet and incredibly funny Karen who gathered many of us at her house last weekend for an afternoon of creating). Connecting with the creative tribe, no matter where I am, always makes me feel right at home.


cath c said...

love love love.

love the 'mary' skeleton maybe just a little the most.

Bella Sinclair said...

Aww, this town just SCREAMS you! You will find a town equally as charming and quaint and make it your own.

I almost commented on that first photo but decided against it, this being the holiday season and all. :)

Happy Holidays, dear Aimee!

jane said...

i think we´ll meet there. :)

soulbrush said...

That first one just tickles me, and so does the sunglasses photo. I wish I lived near you- we'd go and explore together!

Claudine Intner said...

I love your photos. I haven't been there in forever. What type of place is the door with the no kids, smoking,etc. sign? It cracks me up.

Beth said...

Love Montclair - my daughter was born in the hospital there! :) so glad you found that gem of a town!


Ravelings said...

Are you sure you didn't sneak a few pictures of Lawrence in there? Some places look eerily familiar.

Mickey said...

Looks like you found a friend that takes great pictures also. I am jealous that you live in such a diverse area, not the fantastic area of Iowa.
What does your house look like??

Pattyskypants said...

I am SO GRATEFUL to you for posting these wonderful photos! xxoo Patty

Carmen said...

LOVE that rooster... that alone might have done it for me.

xo & happy belated birthday!!!

Marcie said...

It's amazing how you seem to find like-minded creative-souls wherever it is you travel. And - what wonderful scenes from this town!

Karen D said...

My bro live there...spent man days in that saw dusted floor bookstore. Hope to hook up (jersey speak) again soon.

Jennifer said...

oh how I adore Montclair. It is such a cute little town. I am so grateful that karen opened up her home to all of us and that I got to meet you. I look forward to creating along side you again. xoxo

AG Ambroult said...

something tells me the town you did end up in have some kind of funky vibe, too. I don't imagine you in any place that is lacking said vibe.

Felicia said...

Hi I just found your blog and was reading back - what a great town! its so nice to think that local artists have welcomed you. Happy new year!