Friday, February 10, 2012

from bowls to stanley

1. Bliss starts this week with my happy little patterned bowls. Not one was broken this week. (I can't say the same for last week.)

2. My coffee. Any form. Always. It is such a staple in this household that it was my third grader's first idea for a science fair project. Experiment: she wants to drill a hole in the top of the coffeemaker and flip the switch. Hypothesis: coffee will brew upward.

3. Happy mama Lisa invited me over to her house this week.  The instant I walked into her house i felt like i was being hugged by sunshine. You can see why.

Her colorful creations are all over the house. I adore this banner. It's so bold, bright and right.

4. And, though it wasn't planned, this morning turned into the Nibble Doodle Hop. I took my pen & paper to the Midland Park Starbucks for a cuppa, migrated to the Kosher Nosh cafe in Allendale for matzo ball soup, and finished with a cappuccino at Sook Pastry in Ridgewood. I got more work accomplished in one morning than I have all week. Gotta keep moving (and eating) I guess ;)


5. Seeing my kids' things strewn about the tiny apartment (aka the wicker hellhole).


6. I took a lunchtime break to go thrifting at my favorite vintage shop. It's the kind that is so great that you want to tell everyone about it -- but you can't tell anyone about it. I got a seriously 70s polyester dress that disguises everything it needs to, plus a pair of Prada shoes for next to nothing. Also picked up a pair of Camper flats for $10.


7. I love whipping up colorful doodads to go in my Etsy packages. These little coupons are going in all of my February orders.

8. We got a huge bag of tortilla chips from Tito's Burritos. They're the best! And -- I finally got Flat Stanley off my desk! My poor nephew has been waiting a month for him. I have a terrible track record as a FS hostess. But he did manage to take his tour of north Jersey, he is on his way back to Chicago, and I am formally retiring from the Flat Stanley business. If one comes home with either of my kids from school, I plan to fake his journey ;)

That's the bliss report this week. Go see Liv for more! Happy weekend!


Bella Sinclair said...

Flat Stanley! Heeheeheee. Love the little hostesses too. They look so happy!

I love, love, love your bowls. So pretty. I am fighting the tremendous urge to run out and buy some patterned teacups and bowls.

Hope that science experiments works out. :)

alarmcat said...

Accomplishing things by moving and eating...sounds like a plan I can live with :)

Buffalo Lucy said...

I drank my 4 cups of coffee out of that same mug this morning. It always makes me happy. :)

cath c said...


Beth said...

Aimee! So wonderful to see and read your wanderings and visits! I love that you roamed from spot to spot with pen and paper in hand! I can see you walking in your new Prada shoes, sipping coffee while drawing away on a tablet of paper! :) Enjoy the weekend xoxo

S.E.Minegar said...

tito's, holla! we have one in morristown and summit too. so glad flat stanley could enjoy!

nice thrifting score!

JayNic Knit Knacks said...

Looks like a fun week. But I dont understand the Flat Stanley thing. I know it's a book but why are you 'hosting' him. ?!?!?!?!

Diana Trout {} said...

LOVE Flat Stanley! The best school project ever. Love the bowls, the science project (chortle) and the idea of "bliss list." excellent!

e.beck.artist said...

ah ... we've had flat stanleys on vacation with us before .... i think i'm faking it too if i ever get another ....

Michele Bergh said...

I love all the wonderful moments that peaked into your week. Your photos really share the story well. I'm off to look up Flat Stanley and see what that's all about.

Anonymous said...

Great list--totally agree about coffee, and I love Flat Stanley. He visited me once, and we had a blast!

Marcie said...

I just love coming here and finding so much color and light!! So much happy energy!

rachel awes said...

i recognize those bowls!
i have + treasure one! :)
+ i am thankful for YOU,
AimeeWonderLove. xox

Marcia (123 blog) said...

love those bowls and your girls' glee!

This week I joined you with the bliss list :)

tulpen said...

The bowls are too pretty!

And my dream kitchen is painted yellow. As is the outside of my dream house.

Phoenix Peacock said...

ooo that banner needs to be made and hung in my house immediately!

la ninja said...

'ello, lovely!

MrsIngie said...

What a fun list! Love your bowls, happy to hear they all made it through the week. I have never had a visiting Flat Stanley, because I would probably lose him!

Karen D said...

such a great bliss list

Inner Toddler said...

Uch! I keep forgetting flat stanley too! and he has a long way to travel back to first grade in California. i bet you look sizzling in that thrify number. wear it well sister. xoxo

Jen said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving sweet comments on my bliss list!

What a fun and colorful blog you have! Your patterned bowls are beautiful! Do you have a shop or website where you sell them?

I hope you're having a great week so far!

AG Ambroult said...

curses to Flat Stanley!
that dress is seriously fabulous, as are the shoes. And those pastries. And you.

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