Friday, February 3, 2012

how liv held me accountable

"make a little bliss list," she said. huh? what's that? i've been so preoccupied with trying to whittle down my rapidly growing non-bliss list that i had paid virtually no attention to the good. but there were plenty of lovely moments this week -- some fleeting, some enduring -- and here they are.
i wore my favorite ring by mirthmarket.

yesterday was mix or match day at school. my girl went for the mix.

i found the only fresh market in new jersey. but it doesn't carry wine. scratch that second part -- that goes on my non-bliss list.

these are doormats that understand me.

i found the celery farm nature preserve. there is no celery and there is no farm. just a lot of nature in the middle of urban mania.

indian food always makes me happy.

a kind soul knew that these kinds of lights should be left up all year round.

i watched my little one play with her train on the magic carpet.

and i started on the next magic carpet. anyone who needs immediate therapy should pick up a crochet hook; the tension just melts away. this one has kind of an 80s modern look. it started from a pair of ripped pants.

my kids' artwork. i want to hop on that sky pencil.

and that's not all.

i ran into my new friend beth at the gas station yesterday while refueling for an escape to jerry's artist outlet in west orange. we made a coffee date & off i went. 

then i loaded up with art supplies.

panera lemonade kicks ass.

someone asked me for directions and i was able to give them, successfully and correctly. i guess that means i'm a local now.

my daughter found $20 on the playground and turned it into her teacher. i was so proud of her.

on a few occasions when i could have completely freaked out, i listened to benny hill and spanish flea and burst out laughing instead.

oh, there were so many things. thanks liv. i can post this with a smile. if you want to share your own little bliss list go here. and happy weekend :)


Michele said...

Awesome bliss list! Indian food makes me incredibly happy. I could eat it forever and ever. And I love your daughter's mix it up outfit!

painted fish studio said...

yay! your list is a bright spot on this stupid grey winter week. but let's not dwell on non-bliss things. my brief list: it's friday, i have a friend that sends me e-messages daily that make me smile and sometimes make my tummy flip (and that's all i'm going to say), winter is on its way out and i have not needed pharma to help me cope, there are peanut butter cups in the cupboard, and i've got red glitter and construction paper ready for my girlfriends who are coming over tomorrow night to drink wine and make valentines. i sooooo wish you could join us!

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

YES! This practice works every time. I keep a mini-notebook (just a few torn sheets stapled together) and jot down blissful things like this every day. The days I resist? Or "forget" (read: choose grumpiness instead?)? Oh, my mood takes an immediate nosedive.

Liv is love, isn't she?

Claudine Intner said...

Love your daughter's mix outfit! So fun. You have such an eye for unique and interesting photos.

I am wondering if I could get away with the Go Away doormat. We get so many door to door salesmen.

Have a great weekend!

Cindy said...

i love your mix & match girl and that $20 will come back in spades (whatever that means, but i know it's good). i also want to ride on a pencil and you're turning into a wonderful jersey-girl right before our eyes. have a great weekend! xo, c

Marcia (123 blog) said...

The sky pencils made me smile SO big! LOVE it!

Thanks for introducing me to this cool linky - I'll join in next week.

bohemiannie! art said...

Magic carpet, celery farm, Indian food, pencil ride, mixed daughter...all delightful! (That's all I could remember since this comment form won't let me go back up to see what I missed).

bohemiannie! art said...

I'm back! Gotta say those tree lights are wonderful but the mats...yep...gotta get me some. What I really came back for is to tell you that I clicked both music links and then my granddaughter called me into the next room. While I was with her...all of a sudden I heard BOTH songs playing at the same time. Try that if you want another LOL!

Marjie Kemper said...

Beautiful post. I am so loving the sky pencil... kudos to the artist.

JayNic Knit Knacks said...

loving the art work.
And that carpet under the train looks really cosy

Ruth Kelly said...

great doormats.

Gretchen said...

Great idea! I love focusing on the positive, even though I have a hard time remembering to do that.

lori vliegen said...

your bliss-list puts a smile on my face, too! and your artsy girl is, and always has been, my fashion guru.

Andria said...

Ooh, so many things! I love Nina's art...beautiful! And it's a good thing that Panera has good lemonade because their coffee that's good to know! I agree with you about the crochet...I've used it as therapy more than once in my life!

Shannon said...

you always make me smile. i'm going to grab my knitting right now as a little "therapy." great post. big hugs...

Dana Gaffney said...

If I was making a bliss list, I would add your post to it. Thanks for the smiles.

Chel said...


soulbrush said...

What a wonderful list- love the mix and crayons and -oh just everything, but best of all

my daughter found $20 on the playground and turned it into her teacher. i was so proud of her.

That makes the heart swell! You are bringing her up perfectly Mom!

Lorinda said...

This is such a wonderful, visually beautiful, inspiring list!! I LOVE your daughter's outfit and artwork. What an amazing spirit she is!

Neighbor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
S.E.Minegar said...

sky pencils! your family radiates sunshine!

(the deleted post was me. i keep accidentally posting as my hubs).

Pattyskypants said...

Skypants don't need no skypencils! We fly by the seat of ours! We love, love, love Nina's artwork and it should be worth at least 100 bliss points alone! xxoo Patty

Bella Sinclair said...

Sky pencils! YAYYY! And I loooooooove Indian Food. I think it may just edge above Mexican, even. And how crazy-awesome is artsygirl's outfit! Love your bliss.

I wanted to mention that the next time you venture to Tarrytown, you may want to book reservations at Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Gorgeous food, freshly grown right there on their farm. And they have a few livestock for kiddies to enjoy and great programs. It was one of our favorite places to go.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! xoxo

chrissy said...

i want a ski pencil rocket too!!
you had so many wonderful tid-bits this week.
good job mama.

Sue Grilli said...

Love your daughter's "mixed" outfit. Maybe I will suggest that for a work day, now that would be funny! Thanks for sharing your list

Jennifer Richardson said...

thanks for the fresh splashes
of color (taking it in with
a grateful sigh)
those bright lights....that winterbare tree...that cobalt sky,
big thick serving of bliss!

Fran T said...

Awesome list Aimee:) those two magic pencils are terrific, I love it! Oh and I'll take some shrimp korma, please!

Asiye Ivedi said...

my bliss always is to know people like you that inspire and amaze me.
so glad you find the best in a crazy difficult situation! sending you lots of love & sunshine

Lynn Fisher said...

Love the colorful outfit...and Panera Lemonade, oh if it were warm enough.
My bliss is a weekend trip to the "bliss triangle" (Rosedale MN's, Blick arts, the Good Earth and Turnstyle Consignment)...I'm feeling blissful already

Koosje Koene said...

Your bliss list = pure happiness! I absolutely love it.

Gracia said...

The mix! I'm going to try that tomorrow... brilliant clash and bright delight.

seven swirls designs said...

I'm thinking you should make a Sky Pencils magnet and sell it in your Etsy shop. :)

aimee said...

thank you everyone! xo

AG Ambroult said...

I can see how living in the wicker hellhole would make it hard to see the bliss. But looks like you didn't have to strain yourself too much for find some happy. Like sky pencils. I don't think it gets better than that.

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