Thursday, June 28, 2012

renegade craft fair

renegade craft



tile painting

motorcycle booth

tie dye

brooklyn wall

brooklyn blue

nyc any time

pride parade

street dots

ice cream

14th st

parade waiting


After liberation from the longest school year of our lives (Kansas starts in mid-August; NJ slugs it out until the end of June) we are free! Free! Free to explore! No homework hell for 11 weeks! We spent a few days learning to breathe again, then my 9 year old and I got directly down to summer business by taking to the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn. It was a perfectly perfect day from start to finish. On our way there, we hit Manhattan right when the Pride Parade was gearing up, watched the city burst into colors, then moved across the river into Brooklyn. The fair was in Williamsburg on the waterfront; the setting couldn't have been more gorgeous. The weather was beautiful, the art was amazing, the world seemed happy, we painted tiles, bought a few things, built sand sculptures on the probably not very clean shore of the river (she did) had a lovely ale (I did), had ice cream (both of us), behaved (both of us), and slept like happy little babies when we got home. Day done.

The Things We Do is chugging toward completion! Now in the tedious part of editing and print preparation, which is boring and takes too long. Any encouragement you can offer up to finish, I'll take it...