Friday, July 13, 2012



Almost is a great feeling. Almost better than getting to the blessed milestone! The anticipation, the quickening of the heart, the giddiness that comes with being the next in line -- I'm just about there with The Things We Do. I finally nailed down the intro, that elusive yet essential piece that I kept trashing and starting over, and I'm trucking to the finish line. Just a bit of grunt work left and I'll be ready to fire up The Artsyville Press.

Also, my little FB page is almost at 1000 likes, so I'm having an "almost" sale in the shop. Use the code ALMOST1000 for 20% off your doodle order all weekend long!

Happy almost weekend to you all!


Candied Fabrics said...

How exciting! I don't know if this would work for YOU, but when I offer up my online classes for registration before I've written most of the content, the fact that so many people signed up was a great motivator for me! So, if you think this would work for you, you could offer up pre-orders, I know I'm NOT the only one who'll jump on that bandwagon.

BUTTTTTT! If this would stress you out, forget I said anything, I'll wait patiently for the Artsyville press to chug along at its own pace! :-)


Nina said...

Clicked on your FB page - you were at 1000! I am now 1001. :)

rachel awes said...

happy almost to you, dear friend!
love the peeks we've been given of these pages. LOVEenduranceSTRENGTH to you in the last leg...go, aimee, goooooo! xox

Susie said...

And I was 1,002!

Marcie said... know I love your 'art'!!!

Andria said...

Congratulations on heading for the Finish Line! I can't wait to see you final result; I know it will be amazing. And thanks for the shop discount; what a treat!

julie said...

I am in awe of your ability to end each line of your piece at a relatively consistent place. That isn't easy to do, and you do it so well!


Lynn Fisher said...

Congrats, you are "almost' about it!

Beetlebirdhare said...

wow, just found your blog it's lovely! will pop in again.

aimee said...

thank you everyone! so happy to be at the finish line!

Nicole said...

I just ordered 2 copies. I plan to give one to dear friends who are new parents of a 18m old and expecting 2nd child. Can't wait to go through the entire book!

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