Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Things We Do









{random page peeks from The Things We Do}

The Things We Do is done! Starting from a bunch of disorganized lists last summer, it is now 34 doodled pages from beginning to end. I am hunched over, weary, hurting, bleary eyed, happy to be done, and very happy with how it turned out. I'm also satisfied that I'll be able to look back at this book once my kids have grown, and know that what I did was important and that it mattered. Yes, this was a selfish endeavor.

There were times that I thought I'd never finish because every time I went to the grocery store, or spent a typical few hours with my own kids, I'd have at least three new pages of material. Putting it all through the analysis machine, it absolutely boggled my mind how much parents take on, and how quickly a day can pass doing these things we do. Shuttling them back and forth! Meals! Tantrums! Wheedling! Teachable moments! Doing things we just did! Coaxing! Sock crises! Nightly rituals! Redirecting! Lunch box dilemmas! Refilling bottles and sippy cups and washing and disinfecting and bribing and cherishing! Well...I tried to fit as much in here as possible. Each task was a potential rabbit hole from which I might have never emerged. So I included what I could, and issued a blanket apology for everything that I missed.

For those who are interested, I've just refreshed the copies in the shop (I put a small batch in early this morning and they sold out; thank you!) in red, blue and green. I made every bit of every copy with my own hands, from writing to binding. It is a humble production, but one made with heart. Above are a few peeps of the final pages -- I'll share more over time. If I posted them all now, my blog might blow up ;)

Thank you to everyone who gave me the encouragement to make it to the finish line -- and thank you to parents everywhere for doing the toughest job on earth!


Kelly Warren said...

I'm so excited for you on this! Can't wait for my copies to arrive!

painted fish studio said...

congratulations aimee! it looks great & should be in every mom's hands!

rachel awes said...

i love the things you do!
congratulations on this birthing!!
looooooove! xox

elizabeth said...

Congratulations, Aimee! This is quite an impressive feat.

jane said...

Yay! Congratulations! It looks great. You have a little treasure there. :)

soulbrush said...

Yahoo am going to order my copy right now. Congrats -you are so inventive.

Introverted Art said...

Aimee, looks absolutely great! Love it.

Andria said...

This looks amazing, Aimee...simply amazing!

aimee said...

thankyouthankyouthank you everyone!! second batch sold out, too. i will be busybusybusy today making more! :)

Leonie said...

Talk about a labour of love! And it sounds like, in a way, this project was much like another baby!

I have a feeling if I buy a copy I'll never dare to have children, but it seems like such a wonderful project, with so much humour and warmth :)

Olivia said...

Congratulations, Aimee! So well said and beautifully done!

Jennifer said...

So exciteed fd for you dear amy. What a beautiful labor of love.

Sadee Schilling said...

This is so so so wonderful, Aimee! I will definitely be purchasing one of these soon. Can't wait to savor every word!

It was funny--I thought of you early this morning and then opened my inbox to find a comment from you on my blog. It made me smile. Thank you!

freecreate said...

Wowee, so stoked that I saw this on Natashas Blog! Girl you are so inspisiring(hey thats a new word), when I get a few more mins I'm going to check out your blog in depth!

Love to you creative sisterxx

Introverted Art said...

Hi Aimee,

I put a listing of the Shabbat Lighting Candle print in the shop.

Take a look and let me know what you think:

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Nicky Linzey said...

That's a labour of love. Like your new look blog.

Shelley Malone said...

So awesome... so REAL. I love how you capture the reality of parenting: the good, the bad, and the totally ridiculous. I love it!

Cindy said...

the things we (you) do looks fantastic!

Tracy said...

Gorgeous lettering! Loving those bright colours, too. Glad I found you via Kristin Dudish's blog.

Lotte ★ Fruenswerk said...

So cool Girl...:))))) hugs

Lotte ★ Fruenswerk said...

Very nice new blog look :)))

Dana said...

What an amazing project! I love it and I know every parent can relate. Thank you for your honesty and how much of yourself you have shared.

Shannon said...

You were on my mind today as I pulled out your lovely art work to put in my new art room. I miss our coffee time. Call me if you ever come back to Lawrence. I'll call you when I visit your neck of the woods. Big hugs to you, sweet Aimee. xo

LilliBean Designs said...

this looks like a fantastic book. I laughed so hard reading your excerpts!