Tuesday, October 2, 2012

list it tuesday: 15 minute creativity


This week's suggested topic "creative things I can do in 15 minutes or less" was inspired by Hwee, who stole 15 minutes during over her lunch hour to create her first List it Tuesday page. This kind of thieving strikes the most harmonious chord in my heart. Short bursts of artistic activity are the best! There isn't much time to think about them, but there IS enough time to do them, and they usually spark all kinds of internal revolutions. Here's my short list:

1. Wait until 15 minutes before a birthday party starts to get out of your pajamas, wrap a present, make a card, and mix together the most colorful outfit you can manage.

2. Trim colorful cardstock into ATC-sized pieces with a paper cutter, then toss them in a basket with a sharpie. Instant canvases for doodles and writings.

3. Use them. Write wishes, draw faces, record quotes, sketch scenes.

4. Or make a moment jar out of them. The kids and I did this over the summer -- kept scraps of paper handy and wrote down moments we would have otherwise forgotten: a movie we rented, getting kicked us out of the pool for lightning when there was nary a cloud in the sky, the day we made and ate snack necklaces at NYU, when the kids got into a fight in the furniture store, the search for the lost lawnmower bolt (we never found it), the time someone sneaked a brownie (the jar also turned into a confessional), the moment of the storm. They seemed silly at the time but were a delight to read when the summer was over.

5. Take a walk & collect branches of different shapes and sizes.

6. Wrap them in colorful yarn. Fast and easy.

7. Then put them in a vase.

8. Do a few quick layers of a watercolor wash over a vintage book page, then cut it up for collage material.

9. Skim a magazine article and make a list of 10 words you love.

10. Read something that bores you, and make yourself find one interesting thing about it.

11. Write a lunch box note for someone, or leave a message on a table in a public place.

12. Make a paper chain.

13. Fiddle around with modeling clay or some other sensory prodding material.

14. Have a silent conversation (or storytelling session) on paper with someone. You write a sentence, they write a sentence, and who knows what you'll end up with.

15. Move a piece of furniture. I don't know what it is about this, but relocating just one thing can provoke in me a major mental shakeup (in a good way). It reminds me how I have the power to change things in my own environment, that things don't have to remain fixed forever in one spot simply because I put them there.

16. Decorate a piece of outgoing mail. My favorite to date is doodling up the payment envelope I sent to the Indiana State Troopers in 1990 after a shocking speeding ticket.

17. Get a set of foam bathtub letters. Take random ones into the shower and make up ridiculous words.

I can't wait to read all of your creative quickies! Next week's suggested topic: "I am a sucker for..."


amy said...

Good ideas! Some of ours overlap I think. I am thinking I'll have to bookmark all the lists by the end so I'm *never* at a loss of things to do in 15 minutes!!

Nicole : Three By Sea said...

I so loved this topic, if only for all the inspiration & ideas I'll get from reading everyone else's posts!
I like the idea of the memory jar...I keep reading/seeing them and think maybe I need to make one that family AND friends can drop notes into.

Lynn Fisher said...

Aimee , I love the cardstock idea...setting then aside to doodle on...or in my case, write short poems! Great ideas here!

storybeader said...

love the memory/confessional jar. I need to do that around here! Wonder if DH will participate... Lots a great things to do with kids! {:-D

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're doing this again, Aimee! It rather fell by the wayside after I took over and then even I stopped once baby #3 was on the way. I'll try to join in, as I loved LIT.


Sally x

Lynn Fisher said...

...and by the way, love the outfit!

Fallingladies said...

Great ideas here, and i love all your lettering on your " books" and art, you make it look so easy!

Joan V said...

Aimee, thanks for the fun post today. Such inspiration from all the links. Fun to read what some can accomplish in 15 mins. Thanks for sharing.

Mary C. Nasser said...

Oh my goodness, Aimee!
Your number 11 made me smile big!
This week, I actually have a list of all the things we learn from our dogs...to celebrate my new rescue dog and Adopt-A-Shelter Dog Month!

Thanks so much again for hosting this linky party, Aimee!
Always so much inspiration here and from those participating!

Hwee said...

Hi Aimee, thank you for the mention! My 15-minute art tryst has been forced by circumstances more than anything else, but it works. :-) I'm enjoying participating in this weekly party. Thanks so much for hosting it!

soulbrush said...

These are all wonderful, I forgot to do it- my lists are less interesting this week. ha ha.

rachel awes said...

you are an
love your
ideas +

Textile Recycler said...

Aimee.. thank you for the inspiration to post lists. I make them or keep them in my head, but I now see the value of posting them :)
and... you have the best and most creative people posting along with you!
You rock, chica!

T.L. Holmes Williams said...

You are the creativity guru of my world ;)

Jessica Sporn said...

ok - now I'm on track for this week! http://artsyville.blogspot.com/2012/10/list-it-tuesday-15-minute-creativity.html

Jessica Sporn said...

sorry - just linked up above to YOUR blog! ha. Was able to delete and get it right this time! http://jessicasporn.blogspot.com/2012/10/list-it-tuesday-again.html

Mitzi Wolfe Zohar said...

Wow, great list. I need to bookmark this page.

Coreopsis said...

What a great list! I think I'm going to do the one about leaving notes in public places.

Andria said...

This is a great list, Aimee! I want to print it out and put it to some good use!

Daisy Yellow said...
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Daisy Yellow said...

I'm late to the party, but here's my list: http://daisyyellowart.com/vividlife/creative-things-to-do-in-15-minutes-list-it-tuesday-thursday.html. This was a fun topic!