Monday, November 12, 2012

book day

Happy Monday and thanks for the warm welcome back! I'll be catching up on visits this week! I'm interrupting my Art Every Day Month posts to share two beautiful books being released into the world today -- both so very different from each other, and both so very on their way to my book collection.


Polaroids. Who doesn't love them? Jen from Painted Fish Studio takes them better than anyone I know. And she's also really, really good at traveling and making books out of them. I've been chomping at the bit for her to finish Chairs because I'm borderline obsessed with empty ones. I'll sit in cafes for hours and watch seats fill and vacate and wonder: Who sat there? Who was supposed to, but didn't? What did they talk about? Who might have been there if circumstances had been different? Was it business or personal? Or both? What I love most about her Polaroids -- and these in particular (there are 35 chairs in total from New York to Seattle to Amsterdam to Minneapolis/St. Paul) -- is that Jen chooses her shots thoughtfully and sparingly, so each one really means something. You get to fill in the story.


Conversations. Who doesn't love them? Rachel Awes listens to them better than anyone I know. And she's also really, really good at capturing them on paper. I've been chomping at the bit for her to finish All I Did Was Listen because I'm borderline obsessed with eavesdropping on people, learning what goes on in their heads, soaking up all the great things they say. I read the prototype back in September and it's fantastic -- a colorful, juicy, a magnificent soul-filler. It has a wonderful and well-deserved endorsement by SARK. You'll see yourself or someone you know on every single page.

Now back to AEDM! I am finishing up two other manifestos to keep the Explorer company: the Artist and the Writer. See you tomorrow for List it Tuesday!


Susie Lubell said...

Yeah Jen and Rachel! the world is a little brighter today! and hopefully sunnier in your part of it.

Sadee Schilling said...

Oooh, can't wait to get my hands on these! Thanks, Aimee! Hope you all are doing better!

soulbrush said...

I'm going to check them out right now.

rachel awes said...

huge congrats to jen
+ huge thanks to aimee
+ love all around.

Linda Brightwingsofsummer said...

chairs, polaroids, and evesdropping - yay! I considered myself the Princess of Chair collecting... but then I ran out of rooms :-p Thanks for sharing about these books, and great to hear you are getting back on track now!

Bella Sinclair said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonder-full!!! Both of these look utterly fantastic. Save some bit for me to chomp on too! Not the spitty end, thank you.

Annie Pazoo said...

These both look amazing!

painted fish studio said...

wow-o-wow, i'm blushing and grinning, loving what you have to say about my book. thank you so much, aimee! xo

(and YAY to rachel! i already have my copy and it is beautiful!)