Wednesday, November 28, 2012

the last one


For whatever I neglected to include these past few days, this last deal should handily cover the rest! I will now shut up about the shop for the rest of the season unless I have a new item to hawk. The lists I've seen so far from yesterday are terrific and I will catch up on the rest of them after my last set of deliveries today. You'd think I would have warmed up by now to an advanced and efficient postal processing system (i.e. click & ship), but the truth is, I like my trips to the post office. It's one last chance to bid adieu to the goods before they go to their new homes. Also, the USPS upgraded the automated postal machine and now the stamps are excruciatingly difficult to extract. Why this is a good thing: before I would have to barely bend over to pluck the stamp out of the machine, but now it only spits out the edge of the label, so I have to do a full (and sustained) squat to locate the stamp and ease it out so I won't accidentally jam it back in. Right now I'm more sore than I care to admit. So I thank you not only for your orders, but also for helping me get my ass back in shape!