Monday, December 10, 2012

from dreidels to WTF

This week I spun dreidels,

kisses had kisses for everyone,

night trainwatched the night train (I love watching trains),

gumballs relented on the gumball purchase only to find a big wad chewed under her pillow the next morning,

titos had Tito's Burritos make dinner so I wouldn't have to,

did not say freshened up a vintage Artsyville doodle,

leaves watched them jump in the last of the leaves,

stencils played around with Jill Berry's new stencils (see below -- more fun to come tomorrow on that),

photo-101 and made a note to get some kid-friendly notepads around the house. (6 year old is into writing us notes these days -- here she is having computer woes.)

The shop sale is officially over (signs have been taken down and craftily packed away), but UNofficially I'm leaving the code active one more day in case there are any procrastinators that straggle through today. HAPPYHOLIDAYS2012. You can count on a super speedy ship -- from now through December 19, all packages will depart Artsyville within one business day instead of the normal three.

See you tomorrow for a doubleheader! We'll have List it Tuesday as usual (this week we'll peek inside the household junk drawer messes of your fellow listers) and we'll also have a stencil hop party. I'm giving away a set of Jill Berry's gorgeous stencils from artistcellar and posting a how-to on the project I created from them. There is also a game involving alliteration...


C.P. Adorio said...

Hahaha! I was really getting nervous about some parts of the title. Oh my goodness. Everything is so elegant and that little darling of yours jumping is priceless!!! I will get thee to Target. Heheh. Thanks.

Natasha said...

:) My Miss 5 is doing the same thing. Notes with her gorgeous "sounding out" spelling are left everywhere carrying information she wants us to know about and a lot of her requests. They make me smile every single time. Except the one that told me she thought I was really mean after I told her off for something, though actually that made me smile as well.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Loved the title of today's post! And such great photos.

lorik said...

Great collection! I love the night train and the interesting light and perspective - but I also like the colour of the lollies pic. The little girl jumping is pretty amazing too!

Bella Sinclair said...


bohemiannie! art said...

Cute! Definitely need to get you some more paper pads.

Textile Recycler said...

Haha Aimee.. I say WTF too... I just LOVE those dreidels! I wish mine looked like that when I was a kid. You da bomb girl!