Tuesday, December 18, 2012

List it Tuesday 12/18: Holiday Traditions


Hot chocolate and crochet

Our kiddie menorah and our moose-norah (since our menorah was packed in storage last year, I had to buy one in desperation, and all that was left was a moose menorah. Candles go in the antlers)

Rating our neighbors' Christmas decorations (we are tough critics)

Buckeyes, white chocolate Chex mix, Cheryl's Buttercream Cutout cookies

Latkes (I now remember to dispose the oil properly and not put it back in the pantry, so I won't make brownies like I did a few years ago with what looked like good old pure canola oil)

Handmade things

Exchanges of little gifts

Making cookie houses that will win no Pinterest prizes

Memories of my granddaddy taking us to Kmart and loading up cart after cart after cart of toys, then delivering them to charities (I think he was Santa)

Searching for light and celebrating it, even now, when it seems that it is absolutely nowhere to be found

Being grateful for my family. More this year than ever before.

List it Tuesday will start again January 8 with the (suggested) topic "What's new". Gifts, resolutions, thoughts, perspectives, pounds gained over the holidays, new art materials or techniques you're trying, etc... it's all fair game!


C.P. Adorio said...

Okay, before you believe that I don't sleep, that is not so. I am only awake because I got paged from work and had to wake up and now I can't go back to sleep. :) That is a beautiful menorah and I wish you and your family a Happy and Blessed Hanukkah. I agree with you. The world has gone dark and it seems so hopeless. Even if we continue to do the things expected of us, there is a feeling of futility and the I have lost confidence in our collective desire as a nation to make things happen and make our lives better. BUT before I go on any further, I want to correct myself and stop myself from these grey views, for the sake of my children, for the sake of every little girl and boy I see running around, going to school, laughing, even quarelling amogst themselves and trying to figure out how to settle differences amongst each other. I cannot lose faith. I refuse to believe that the country to where I so hopefully and excitedly immigrated at age 24, is turning out to be a dud. I cannot stop loving this country and the American people. It is my country, my children's country. For the sake of the little ones, we must all come together as a nation to search for peace without losing our freedom.

What a beautiful table you have set. I especially love the visible touch of beautiful and creative young hands of your children. This is more beautiful that any menorah I have seen. I am not Jewish but I always relish knowing how my friends light the candles with great meaning and faith. I hope this world will be filled with light, so that it will drive away the darkness that is blanketed upon us. A blessed Hanukkah to you, dear Aimie.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love love love your grandfather playing Santa :)

storybeader said...

It's a cute menorah! I'm no cook, so I love to go to mom's and have latkes. Hope you had a Happy Chanukah! {:-Deb

Lynn Fisher said...

I totally love that you have a moose Menorah : )
Don't blame you for holding that special little family of yours close. We live in hard times. I'm standing strong (though I have list much sleep), to make things better.
What lovely memories you have.. Was that in Minnesota? ( your grandpa I mean)

Lynn Fisher said...

And I do mean "list"....I must be thinking of lists : )

Lynn Fisher said...

Lost, lost, lost......

alarmcat said...

so did you grandfather PLAY Santa? or was the the REAL Santa?

If so, that's take me to a whole new level of being in awe of you!!

Textile Recycler said...

Aimee, reading your list made me lean back, smile and say, 'Ahhhh'.

Thanks for letting me join the wonderful adventure of List it Tuesday. You ARE my hero :)

Happy Holidays...

Introverted Art said...

Aimee, I love this Menorah!!!! I hope to find something similar for my house. Ours is looking shabby and covered in candle wax :P. This one is so colorful. Happy belated Chanukah. May HaShem bless and keep you.

Em said...

I love latkes. Also, I would love to see the Moose-orah. It sounds awesome! Happy belated Chanukah!

Karen Smithey said...

I love the idea of a moose menorah--I second the idea that you need to share a picture of it!

I, too, am hugging my children extra close--

Nicky Linzey said...

Yes we would like to see the Moose Aimee, Happy Holidays

Carrie said...

Chants 'moose moose moose' We need a picture :)

I would very much like to join in your lists next year sonds like fun xxx

Artologist's Studio said...

I'm new to your blog so I'll be on the lookout for "list It Tuesday" in the new year.
As for the Moose-norah. Yesterday was Crazy Hat Day at school and I forgot my headband with the poinsettia/gelt/dreidal decor. I had some reindeer antlers in my classroom and got out the glue and felt. I wore my "Moshe Reindeer" Hanukkiah antlers all day. They were a hit!