Friday, March 30, 2012

win, then lose it

Just poking my head out of a box (we moved into our new house!) to host a last minute gifting of a spot in 21 Secrets, which starts April 1! I'm so excited to get disoriented with everyone in my workshop Get Lost! To enter, leave a note here telling me about a time you got lost. It can be in the literal sense, or you can go all metaphorical on me. Make sure to leave your e-mail address or some way I can reach you. I'll draw a winner on Sunday morning, just in time for the class kickoff. And then prepare to Get Lost...

Friday, March 16, 2012



My blisscoveries this week:

That those hardcover books with cheesy (or no) book jackets can be made lively again. I spirited these titles away from the book trading shelf in our communal laundry room. This is possibly the easiest, cheapest, quickest paper project ever. Trace the existing book jacket (or lay the book open and trace that; make sure to leave a few extra inches on each end for the flaps) on a piece of lovely handmade or patterned paper. Cut, wrap it around the book, affix a handlettered or typed label on the spine, and lo! You have blisscovered books that look like little presents. I can't wait to get the rest of my books out of storage so I can have at 'em :))

Daylight savings time, after recovering from the first few days of feeling hung over from the change.

Realizing that some things should be left alone. Someone pointed out that my salvaged travel trunks were "lovely as they are" and after thinking about it for a while, I agreed. I have to finish the un-fun part of de-"ewwwww"-ing the insides, and "spraying for leetle vermin" as Cathy suggested. Nasty old paper has to be scraped out, and the interior sealed to vanquish the stink. Otherwise, the outsides will be left in vintage tatters, and the color will come from my stacks of blisscovered books.

I got the kids a tiny tent at IKEA. They delight in it. I delight in them delighting in it. Sometimes I go in too.

Stack the States and Stack the Countries apps. Recommendations from a fellow kindergarten mom. Educational, fun, and wholly addictive. Watch Mississippi and New York make googly eyes at each other; it won't happen anywhere else, I imagine :)

March Madness. I don't find much crossover companionship between the worlds of art and basketball, so my commentary on it usually goes unanswered, but I do love filling out my brackets, predicting upsets, cheering for my alma maters, watching my picks go up in smoke and reconnecting with old friends in my grad school pool. It makes the rainy month of March worthwhile.

Go see Liv for more little bliss lists!

Monday, March 12, 2012

the broad house








I lost my footing and missed out on the bliss list last week, but today let me share one of my frequent delights in my new town: visiting The Broad House. Unlike Lawrence, Kansas, where anything goes, an artsy yard-collage-montage is really the last thing one expects when visiting this pretty, polished up little village in New Jersey. Yet here it is. It's like Funkytown meets Nick's Yard, the Love Shack, The Outdoors Type and Coo-Coo-Ka-Choo house part one and two, topped with a dash of macabre ganache. It's awesome. And it makes me homesick.

Hopefully I'll be back later this week to share an update on pair of vintage trunks I'm rehabbing -- I found them in the trash! See here for the pre-pics :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

the INSPIRING banner



The INSPIRING banner is done! It took the better part of three months, but I'm very happy with how it turned out. I designed the original in another color scheme for a specific project (it was more pastel in color), and I adapted it for the shop in a jewel tone palette, just in case you want a little (or some big) inspiration on your walls to remind you how fab you are :) Each letter has a happy, motivational message (and I didn't even cheese out & pull duplicates on the repeat letters. Both "N"s and all "I"s have their own design!).

The banner comprises a set of nine 5"x7" letters (the print area is 4" x 5" with a white border) so they can go directly in standard size frames. Or they would look just fine suspended from little clothespins/binder clips, resting on little easels, etc. I've also listed each letter separately as an 8x10 print, as they'd also work well as standalone pieces in a studio or a child/tween/teen's room. (Lots of different possible combos for these letters, so if you have specific questions/requests about certain letter combinations or sizes, just convo me.)

Now, I'm going outside to soak up this 70 degree weather! Wishing you all a happy and INSPIRING day :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

a doodled bliss list


Well, it seems that i'm living from little bliss list to little bliss list these days! That's probably a good thing, because it keeps me from making little bitch lists instead. There was indeed plenty to celebrate this week, mostly little things, but all points of delight nonetheless. There was ice cream. Time to write. A milestone in my shop. The afternoon I turned on a radio station for some soothing jazz, only to hear it skip around a bunch of different tracks & then an accidental cut to the show host who dropped a foul word trying to get the program back on track. An e-mail from the school saying that my daughter found $20 on the playground last month, turned it in, and since no one had claimed it that it was hers to keep for being honest. Recovery of the lost (and brand new) raincoat. A sticker making frenzy. A kind store manager who gave me a load of metal boxes to house my untidy reams of paper. Etc.

And... I'm almost done with the INSPIRING banner! Just a few more letters to go. Will show it in full next week. Wishing you all a great weekend with maximum blissing and minimum bitching.