Wednesday, May 30, 2012

ding-dong, and a book in progress

I've been absent from this spot for so long that I had to log in, which is the online equivalent of ringing the doorbell to my own house. So, ding-dong!, and thank you for letting me back in. Nothing major happened -- it was just a matter of one moment flowing into the next, all the tasks and events of family life rapidly adding up to eat my days, with me left wondering where those days went, what I did, and what had happened to my creative routine. (Sound familiar?)

Anyway, as a friend of mine once said, "We press on." So I am, and I'm throwing all of my creative energy into penning something I've wanted to tackle for a while called The Things We Do -- an effort put into firm form all of those seemingly vaporous (but important) things we do as parents to raise our children. (At least from birth through the tween years. Late tweens & teenagers will get their own write-up once I've gotten through it!) I've been keeping notes for years and the time finally seems right to get it all out.

Here are a few of the many B&W pages in progress -- when it's finished it will be in color, somewhat organized, and bound just like The Stew Book.






It started out as a little leaflet but it has already grown way beyond the original scope -- clearly I have a lot to say on the subject -- and I'll keep going until I feel it's finished. If you'd like to keep tabs on the other page drafts, I'm posting them on Twitter and Instagram. Come & find me! Also, thanks for putting up with my absence and coming back to say hello! :)