Wednesday, November 28, 2012

the last one


For whatever I neglected to include these past few days, this last deal should handily cover the rest! I will now shut up about the shop for the rest of the season unless I have a new item to hawk. The lists I've seen so far from yesterday are terrific and I will catch up on the rest of them after my last set of deliveries today. You'd think I would have warmed up by now to an advanced and efficient postal processing system (i.e. click & ship), but the truth is, I like my trips to the post office. It's one last chance to bid adieu to the goods before they go to their new homes. Also, the USPS upgraded the automated postal machine and now the stamps are excruciatingly difficult to extract. Why this is a good thing: before I would have to barely bend over to pluck the stamp out of the machine, but now it only spits out the edge of the label, so I have to do a full (and sustained) squat to locate the stamp and ease it out so I won't accidentally jam it back in. Right now I'm more sore than I care to admit. So I thank you not only for your orders, but also for helping me get my ass back in shape!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

List it Tuesday 11/27: Been There, Done That


This week's List it Tuesday topic was offered by Nicole and I loved it. Been there, done that. Checked boxes. Here are a few.

1. Rode a bus over the Andes from Chile to Argentina
2. Was a monkey in the 5th grade school play
3. Forgot the lines to a poem at a 6th grade recital and walked off the stage
4. Rode in a cop car and went to three police stations in Rio
5. Lived in a hotel for a month without checking out (I was working out of town, tired, and didn't have the energy to go home)
6. Went to a World Cup game (Spain vs South Korea)
7. Went to the Final Four in 1992 (my team lost in the semis so I sold my last ticket and went out to eat)
8. Drove a Miami of Ohio university bus (once)
9. Worked for a week on the Neiman Marcus Holiday Express train (it was a two year thing in the 90s where we loaded a full NM store on an American Orient Express and traveled to 10 cities in the South. I was in the men's clothing car and sold pocket humidors )
10. 45 out of 50 states (Alaska, North Dakota, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire still await)

Can't wait to hear about your checked boxes! Next week's suggested topic comes from Andrea: "small comforts" (things that make you feel better).

teacher tuesday


It's Teacher Tuesday in Artsyville -- great opportunity to stock up on Teach What You Love for teacher gifts! One more day of doodle deals and then we're back to regular programming ♥

Monday, November 26, 2012

a year of cheer


Hi all! Today is Flipside Monday -- spend $25 in the shop & get a flipside 2013 calendar for free ($10 value). Happy shopping! Now hard at work at my Been There, Done That list... can't wait to read everyone else's. See you tomorrow!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

stock up & stuff it




Just popping in to let you know I have stuffed fresh goods in the shop for Stocking Stuffer Sunday and they are all on sale! Groovy doodle cards are back, the doodle clips are totally new, and the magnet 10-pack is $30 today which makes each magnet $3 each -- a super deal, as they are normally $5 individually. Stock up & stuff it! And...again, sorry to be so shoppy with all of you... but it is that time of year and honestly I'm having fun changing up the scene every day! I'll have a few more days of doodle deals and then I'll lay off for a while. I have to get working on my bucket-list-in-reverse for Tuesday, anyway...

Saturday, November 24, 2012

art every day month : day twenty-four: time for kids


Born out of parental guilt. Of course I KNOW this is important. But it's so easy for us all to be left to our own devices (in this day and age, quite literally) and drift off to our own corners. And then I wonder why they show up with those devices, right under my ear, and yammer and yell and fight with each other until I either 1) blow my top or 2) realize what they're looking for, even though they may not even know it, is some one on one. A game. A conversation. A book. A walk. Real life things -- together. So now I'm going to make bread with them.... before they grow up and don't want to do it anymore.

{I'm having Super Parent Saturday in my shop from now through Sunday noon EST -- 25% off all parenting doodles, including the doodle book The Things We Do.}

Friday, November 23, 2012

a village in my mind & full color friday


When things get bothersome in real life, this is where I go. There's a place for everyone here if you'd like to escape too. As you might notice, this village has full power (including heat and hot water) 24/7. There is no shortage, outage, wreckage, damage or breakage in this village. There's also no mortgage. Just move on in, and we'll have arty parties all the time!

Also, there are no lines in this village for Black Friday because I have no idea what Black Friday is. Here in Artsyville we're having Full Color Friday in the shop! From now until tomorrow (Saturday 12 noon EST), buy an 8x10 doodle print and get a 5x7 of your choice for free. No limit! Just let me know clearly in the notes to seller which 5x7 you'd like for each 8x10 you buy.

I'll have fresh stuff and new doodle deals every day throughout this weekend, and then I'll take the Artsyville staff (my kids) to the PO on Monday to send out the goods. Your orders are turning them into mailing experts and postal whizzes! You should see the confidence as they approach that automated postal machine ;)

Happy weekend!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

list it tuesday 11/20: wish list

happymamalisa's (lisa gonzalez) love painting and confetti throw

my pie-in-the-sky wish list

1. for our bedroom to be as cheery as happymamalisa's (above). lovely visit with her yesterday as always. I love her new love painting and happy confetti throw.
2. for Twinkies to rise again, and to bring back with it the Marathon bar, Carnation Breakfast Bars, and Jell-o Gelatin Pops.
3. for things to be there, always, right when I need them. (talking to you, keys.)
4. for my kids to quit quarreling, bickering, tattling, and sapping my energy.
5. for my kids to never stop drawing.
6. to have a full closet of ballet flats. I just added a cute pair of red velvet to the stash last week...
7. to fly to one random place each week.
8. for my cold to go away.
9. for autocorrect to leave me alone.
10. to find a decent challah bread. here you'd think they'd be as plentiful as bagels, but I've tried at least a half dozen different kinds, and no go. the ones in Kansas were better.
11. for someone to wave a magic wand over the Jersey Shore, Staten Island and Long Island and make everything right again.
12. for fourth grade homework to go away.
13. for someone to replace our twelve burnt out lightbulbs.
14. to speak five languages fluently.
15. to be not so impatient.
16. remaining house style desires: 1) bungalow 2) casita 3) hobbit hut
17. to open a shop and fill it with wonderful handmade things from around the world.
18. to see the Northern Lights.
19. for my boots to quit tearing holes in my socks.
20. for everyone to just get along.

Thanks for all the great lists last week! I think we have enough topics to get us through the next millennium. Next week's suggested topic comes from Nicole: "been there, done that". (Kind of a bucket list in reverse. Sharpen your pencils and tell us about your checked boxes! :))

Monday, November 19, 2012

art every day month : days whatever : artist-in-bloom manifesto


My artist-in-bloom manifesto: finished! I've lost track of the days for AEDM, but I figure as long as I'm making stuff, the numbers don't matter, right? I'm off to see happy mama Lisa and her almost-here-baby-bun today! Happy Monday, and I'll see you and your wish lists tomorrow for List it Tuesday!

{8x10 doodle print now in the shop here}.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

list it tuesday 11/13: double up


As promised! Here are two check-ins this week: one for the movie lines and the other is a receptacle for list topics. Share your ideas! Fill our coffers! As for me... I have lots of favorite movie lines (I could have copied and pasted the whole of The Blues Brothers) but the one rattling supreme in my head last week was... "we're not in Kansas anymore"...

Next week's topic suggestion comes from Storybeader: your Santa list! Make it as creative and as farfetched as you wish :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

book day

Happy Monday and thanks for the warm welcome back! I'll be catching up on visits this week! I'm interrupting my Art Every Day Month posts to share two beautiful books being released into the world today -- both so very different from each other, and both so very on their way to my book collection.


Polaroids. Who doesn't love them? Jen from Painted Fish Studio takes them better than anyone I know. And she's also really, really good at traveling and making books out of them. I've been chomping at the bit for her to finish Chairs because I'm borderline obsessed with empty ones. I'll sit in cafes for hours and watch seats fill and vacate and wonder: Who sat there? Who was supposed to, but didn't? What did they talk about? Who might have been there if circumstances had been different? Was it business or personal? Or both? What I love most about her Polaroids -- and these in particular (there are 35 chairs in total from New York to Seattle to Amsterdam to Minneapolis/St. Paul) -- is that Jen chooses her shots thoughtfully and sparingly, so each one really means something. You get to fill in the story.


Conversations. Who doesn't love them? Rachel Awes listens to them better than anyone I know. And she's also really, really good at capturing them on paper. I've been chomping at the bit for her to finish All I Did Was Listen because I'm borderline obsessed with eavesdropping on people, learning what goes on in their heads, soaking up all the great things they say. I read the prototype back in September and it's fantastic -- a colorful, juicy, a magnificent soul-filler. It has a wonderful and well-deserved endorsement by SARK. You'll see yourself or someone you know on every single page.

Now back to AEDM! I am finishing up two other manifestos to keep the Explorer company: the Artist and the Writer. See you tomorrow for List it Tuesday!

Friday, November 9, 2012

art every day month : days six-nine : explorer manifesto


Fully powered and back online! I've never been so in awe of artificial light coming from our very own fixtures. I wept openly. Thank you, thank you, thank yooooouuuuuu everyone for helping to keep me mentally afloat. That crazier than crazy week also coincided with the close of our first year in New Jersey (my "Jerseyversary", as one of my fellow local artists put it) and I couldn't think of a more appropriate way to end it -- in total chaos. Truly, it has been one of the nuttiest years of our lives. I whipped up this Explorer Manifesto to commemorate the ride -- if it's all going to keep on going this way, I might as well own the journey. My husband immediately requested (and got) the first print of this one ;)

A few of the doodle originals I created while in hotel exile are now in the shop, including Another One Goes in the..., Lapsus Memoriae, Non Compos Mentis and House Troll.

List it Tuesday will start right next week right where we left off (we'll double up the entries so you can enter your movie line link again.) Suggested topic for next Tuesday: ideas for list topics! (I need them.)

Monday, November 5, 2012

art every day month : days four and five : babble

Doodle babble continues here daily, but I'm going to space out the posts here every few days until things are restored to normal, as this blogger mobile app is most unfriendly! Come see me on Instagram if you want to see the doodles real time!

Sorry to all you listers, but I can't get the linky app up and running in current conditions for List it Tuesday this week. You are welcome to leave your list link in the comments here if you'd like, and I'll also do a makeup post for it once I'm fully back online. Can't wait to hear your favorite movie lines!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

art every day month : day three : house troll

Day three of wonky posting -- it is so visually distressing I can hardly endure it, almost more than six days without power ;) Art is a superb coping mechanism and I'm still intensely at it with my watercolor-inky originals: an explanation of why you can't ever find what you need in your house, a redoodle of my Quirk is What Makes it Work, and a piece in memory of three doodles that went into the trash today (my apologies to tender-eyed viewers, but it required a firm word). I'm going to drop these in the shop whenever we're re-electrified (which is beginning to feel like never). Thanks everyone for your cheery comments -- they mean more to me than you might know!

Friday, November 2, 2012

art every day month : day two : thank you

Today for AEDM is a thank you to everyone who is helping to keep us sustained. No power yet, but a good samaritan pulled a string or two and managed to get the rare hotel room for us last night. So grateful for those who are keeping us sane, warm and well lit. This includes all of you, too, as well as the glass of wine I'm about to have. Sorry the text and photo are inverted in this post, but it seems to fit perfectly with the general upending of our lives right now!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

art every day month : day one : not quite powerless

It is true, we are one of the million sorry saps groping around in the dark with our teeth chattering, and it sucks. However, we could have had it much worse, and I will just leave it there. The plan is to forge ahead and stick with Art Every Day Month as much as I can. May art keep me sane and not so powerless. If my posts and look and sound stupid, blame part of it on my frozen mind and the other on the blogger mobile app. Can't return blog visits very easily but I am so grateful for yours -- every comment is a burst of heat and light in my day! xo