Saturday, January 26, 2013

i heart art

wrapping orders

Happy Saturday! Just popping in to mention that Artsyville took a quick trip over to the world of Pen & Paint this week for Lindsay's I Heart Art feature. There's a Q&A with me about how/why I started creating, my most sentimental pieces, and there is even a shop bribe for you: 20% off all things Artsyville with the code IHeartArt. It was set to expire Friday, but since I'm late posting here, I'll leave its validity intact until Sunday. If you haven't met Lindsay yet, go & spend some time there! Her world is full o' color and delicious paper goods and slices of life. My slice of life this morning includes ANOTHER FREEZING DAY in the Northeast, my daily trip to the PO, celebrating my baby's first lost tooth, shopping for a birthday party and hoping that someone will lend me 20 or 30 extra degrees until this unacceptable weather moves on to bother another region.


nacherluver said...

I just love your art and colors! I pop over here and feel so darned happy every time.
Off to follow the link!

Introverted Art said...

ohhh I love discounts Aimee. I am checking it out ;-)

Em said...

I know! Too cold, too cold! (I'm a total wimp!)

Your art is so fun.

soulbrush said...

Fab interview- off to check out the shop for specials, and congrats on the new tooth. Ha ha. freezing here too. So happy my art is up in your kitchen. Warms my heart.

naomi orana said...

Brilliant interview,
Love your gorgeous colours!
I dimply could not handle that cold,
Summer here - we're desperate for a bit of rain :-)